How to wear long blouses with jeans


Long blouses are now highly fashionable. It is very important not only to carefully choose the blouse, but also to choose the other clothing items. Of course that long blouses go well with jeans. Jeans are also a great idea, no matter what you like to wear. At the office, you can wear of course jeans, but it is better to wear them with a classical shirt. If you want to wear long blouses, than you should know that they are appropriate for your spare time and not the office. It is very important to carefully choose the time and the place you wear some clothing items. And since long blouses are fashionable and comfortable, maybe we can help you decide where and how to wear them.

How to wear long blouses with jeans?

So, long blouses go well with skinny jeans, but do not forget about jeans skirts. Buying a pair of jeans is a very important action and you should carefully choose the store and the pair you want to wear. The size is of course very important and of course the color. If you want to have a fresh look, of course that you should choose a white pair of jeans. Well, the truth is that you will look amazing wearing a bright shade of blue in the spring. In the winter you can choose black or dark colored jeans, but, winter is over so let’s concentrate on the spring.

And now, let’s talk about the shoes. The best thing about long blouses and jean skirt is that they are such a versatile combination, so that you can choose to wear flats or heels. You can wear such an outfit when you go outside for a walk and then flats are the obvious option, but if you want to go out with your friends, then heels are the best option. No matter what you choose to wear, make sure the colors match. And also, since there are so many options regarding long blouses, make sure you choose the oe that best suits your figure. There are many stores selling such items.


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