How to wear a cut-out dress


One of the biggest summer trends this year are cut-out dresses. You’ve surely noticed that the shops are completely full of them, plus, one of the best red carpet moments were with these stunning pieces.

A cut out dress will give you a sexy vibe and it exposes your skin in a really strategic way, so will not make you feel uncomfortable. Actually, a cut-out dress can be super fun and flirty without being vulgar, if worn in the right way and for appropriate occasions.

Take a peak at our essential tips and find out how to wear a cut out dress.

  • First of all, you should go for only one area to expose. Other way, exposing too much skin, can give the impression that you are trying too hard to show off your body and this could bring you on the verge of vulgarity.
  • Always choose the area you are really proud of: the back, the sides or the midriff. Never all of them!
  • Pay attention to the proportions. If the dress is short and has a really low neckline you should go for small cut-outs, other way the dress would better be covered in a sheer material or lace.
  • Every occasion has its own dress! A dress, even it presents really small cuts it will never be appropriate for a wedding, a formal ceremony or for your office look. Instead, you can wear the cut-out trend for a hot date, a drink with friends or in the club. Neither too dressy or casual, cut-out dress is also the ideal choice for a Sunday brunch with family.
  • Because we are in the middle of summer, go for bright colors! Even though black is always safe and elegant, and the perfect option for everyone, if you are feeling a little bit more confident, if you have a nonconformist personality you should go for neon colors. Plus, these colors can highlight beautifully your tanned skin.

Always keep in mind: the key to styling a cut-out dress is to keep it simple – you want the dress to do the talking!


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