Midi Dress with Blazer


The midi dress has usually a relaxed shape, is very comfortable, available for every body type and can easily be an alternative to a jumpsuit. It’s a dress that you can wear for work, for a dinner date or to a special event by pairing it with a blazer, statement accessories and high-heels.

It doesn’t matter what type of silhouette you have, if you are petite, tall, skinny, pear shaped, apple shaped, have curvy hips or big calves, you can certainly find the perfect midi dress for you.

If you are tall you can opt for a midi dress in horizontal stripes that will draw unnecessary attention from the height of your body. Go for a feminine bra under the dress and over it choose a blazer in a dark color, such as black or navy blue. On warm days you can show off your skinny and long legs with a pair of gladiator sandals.

Women that are petite need to play with proportions, dimensions and color blocking. A midi dress in a retro pattern will look amazing with a vibrant yellow blazer. This combination will make you stand out from the crowd. High-heels shoes will add height to your body and fun accessories will make your outfit interesting and stylish.

For heavy hips, you can opt for a vintage midi dress and a modern blazer. You can draw all the attention up, away from your curvy hips, with a statement necklace, a diamonds collar or a scarf. Go for natural fabrics and a pastel blazer that will be a feminine and chic cover-up.

Best for apple shaped body figure is a V-neck midi dress and a blazer in a silky fabric. Creating a strong look is the key; choose clothes that will flatter your figure and extravagant jewelry, classic pumps and a natural make-up.

Ladies that have big calves can pair the midi dress with leggings and pear shaped silhouettes can opt for loose-fitting midi dresses with fit blazers.

Midi dress with blazer is a great combination that you can wear for many special occasions!


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