What are the latest hairstyle trends ?


It’s almost spring here in Europe and after a somehow good winter weather, with a lot of ski and snowboard activities, it’s time to get your hair out of your beanie and try some new hair color trends for 2017. You don’t know what are the trendies colors for this year ? Check the link for more info about it.

But if you don’t want to read a lot, let’s summarize:

  • Blorange – a combination of blonde and ginger
  • Grey – and combinations of grey and blonde or white
  • Balayage – a combination of blonde, caramel, honey, ash and brunette
  • Metallic – if you don’t want to change your hair color, maybe try a different shade, like the metallic one

Now, if you’ve found your color from that list, now it’s time to see what kind of trending hairstyles for 2017 to check out for. As the hair color trends, I left a link for a better read.

And I’m going to summarize the trends here:

  • super sleek
  • hair flip
  • high pony
  • cute bob
  • and of course, metallic hair. This one seems to be the great trend this year.

What are you looking for the next year ? Leave your answer in the comments, or maybe a link to your new hairstyle or color that you’ve chosen this year.


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