Casual maxi dresses


Daytime cute outfits for summer

Many women think that maxi dresses are only for formal and sophisticated events, but current trends made it possible to wear maxi dresses in a relaxed way.

Maxi dresses represent a go-to summer uniform for many women. And the possibilities are endless! With the right accessories you can bring your casual outfit with maxi dress from drab to fab.

Wondering how to look good while flaunting a long dress? Here are some ideas:

First of all, look after a dress that doesn’t look too ceremonial. For example choose a splitted maxi dress with a floral print for a boho vibe, opt for a maxi shirt dress for a touch of masculinity and choose a white dress for an innocent, feminine look. Also keep in mind that your body dictates what would be best for you!

Depending on the style of your dress you can choose to match your look with a top. You can opt for a denim jacket, a cardigan or a sleeveless jacket for those chilly summer days.

What shoes require casual maxi dresses?

The best shoes for a casual maxi dress are those that don’t cover the top of your heel. You can opt for a pair of flat sandals or  for some ballet flats with open toe for casual maxi dress with a sporty vibe. Even though maxi dresses don’t usually pair with sporty shoes, some type of sneakers can be a great combination.

Also, even if you think that in a maxi dress your feet won’t show, don’t forget that when you sit, the shoes will be in the spotlight. So always go for embellished sandals that will add a fun, summery vibe to your look.

Accessories for casual maxi dress

Just a few accessories can instantly transform your casual dress from simple to stunning. Opt for modern jewelry and make sure that the accessories will be in line with the style of your dress. You can choose to wear: chic sunglasses, sunhats, wooden bracelets, long necklaces, cute armlets even a flower crown in your hair.

Not sure where to start with a casual maxi dress? Try a pretty floral print in a lightweight fabric for a breezy look and style the dress with some embellished sandals and a cute hat! You’re perfect to set!


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