Capri leggings


Capri leggings usually end mid-calf or two to four inches above your ankles. If you don’t know how to wear them and you are about to give up on them, maybe you are right. This length has a terrible reputation because they can make your legs look thick and short. Having this said, we suggest you not abandon your capri leggings in the closet, instead learn how to style them.

Capri leggings can make you look slim, chic and modern. You just need to find out which ones are flattering your silhouette and also it’s important to pair them with the right items. But this season the overall look of Capri leggings is going to be trendy because they are geeky and stylish. We think that these leggings are also sexy because they are reveling a little bit of skin and the ankle bone. They look great paired with ankle boots, flats or sandals with straps. During summer days, capri leggings can keep you cooler, but they are also a great choice for autumn and spring.

If you want to overcome the effect of short legs when you wear Capri leggings then you need to wear high heels. Pairing wedges or pumps with Capri leggings is something that really works. You will have a pin-up, retro vibe perfect for a cocktail party. For tall women, we recommend ballerina flats, canvas sneakers, and sandals. We think that ballerina flats are the classic choice that is more appropriate for office looks. Sandals with straps are great during summer, while sneakers combined with capri leggings are perfect for a beach, casual outfit.

Our favorite way to wear Capri leggings is with a short dress or a tunic. This is a trendy look perfect for women of all ages. For a more elegant approach, add to your look a statement necklace or other feminine jewelry. A big necklace will make your outfit hipper.

Despite Capri leggings are well known for leg shortening characteristic, if you know how to wear them you can have beautiful, stylish, modern and feminine looks. What you really want is to have a balanced outfit and to achieve a flattering silhouette.


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