Jiul Passage old bridge removal underway


Old bridge removal from Jiul passage it’s going to take a while. According to the construction company that works on this replacement, they haven’t managed to demolish the old rail support, although Nicolae Robu, Timisoara mayor, said that the operation will take around two weeks. The term had been prolonged, because this process require more work. We’re talking about another two weeks until the old rail support will be removed.

So, try not to go there during the evening and the night, since the passage will be closed at that time.

“There about 20 % from the old support left and it’s heavy to demolish, because we deal with an extremely tough concrete, with very strong arming which are a challenge for the construction firm. They’ve progressed a lot, there is somewhere around 20 % of the structure to demolish, which probably means that in around two weeks they will end the demolish work, it took them more then we’ve expected” explained Timisoara’s mayor.

According to the mayor, they still work on the street that will take the drivers to the Train Hall from the passage, but also around the pomping station. Some days ago, the’ve oppened the car traffic on the Jiul Street.

Afther they’ll finish the work, Jiul Passage will have five lanes, with the continuing Jiul street with four lanes. The expansion doesn’t just mean work under the train bridge, but also reorganising the intersection, with some modification on Republicii Boulevard, with sepparting lanes. On both sides there will be bike lanes and space for pedestrians.

The auction for enlarging the Jiul Passage was launched in September 2015, with an estimated contract of 28 million lei, without VAT, somewhere around 7.6 millions of euro. Porr Construct won the contract with a much lower bid of 4.7 millions of euro, with an execution term of 14 months. The authorities said that the passage will be open before the term, in this autumn, in September, late October.


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