Wool pea coats


The eternal pea coat

A wool pea coat represents an essential item for every men’s wardrobe, especially now when winter is once again upon us. If you never owned one or even tried one before, now it’s the perfect time to do it.

But before that, you should know how this stylish coat became so popular.

The pea coat we know today possesses many features that recall its military history. This jacket has been around since the 1800s, and even though the Dutch invented the coat- the name pea coat has its origins in a Dutch word: “pije” = coarse coat-, it was the British navy who took the credit for the popularization of the coat. The pea coat was so famous, because used to keep seafarers safe: the jacket had the power to withstand the harsh rain or wind, experienced out at sea.

It was constructed from heavy, dark blue wool, was double breasted and featured a tall collar, which could be buttoned all the way up to protect sailors from the harsh meteorological phenomena. They used to treat the wool with heat to bind the fibers together. That was the magic recipe to obtain a super resistant fabric, perfect for life at sea. Some jackets had side vents, center vents or no vents at all, and also most of them featured plastic buttons with the image of a fouled anchor imprinted on them.

Meanwhile, the functionality of the pea coat remained unchanged. The US navy still has strict regulations in place for correct wear. Anyway, with time appeared many fashionable adaptations of the design available for sale, and everyone else is permitted to wear the pea coat as they please.

In modern times, most pea coats offer a slim and more snug fit, being available in other colors, not just navy blue; We have: brown, grey, beige or black coats. You can match a pea coat with denim jeans, military boots and chunky sweaters to create rugged off-duty looks, or you can choose to wear it with trousers, shirts and tailoring for a more sophisticated look. It can be used as a winter coat for a milder winter.

The pea coat is an all-time classic piece of menswear, and you should totally own one. It is smart, rugged and so masculine!


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