Winter shoes and clothes – proper gear for Romanian Winter


The first day on proper autumn has come in the northern hemisphere, so you can now start thinking about what type of clothes you need to wear in the following months. The hot summer days are gone, now you can only hope that the temperature goes up to 20 Celsius during the day to have a nice day.

But in the morning, things are getting chillier by the day. Just last night the temperature dropped to -6 in Toplita, the lowest temperature so far. In Bucharest we also had a chilly night and temperature approaching 0 Celsius in the morning. I had to take out my ice cleaner solution from the trunk to clean up the ice from the windscreen.

So it’s that time of the year, when you need to have the proper gear to withstand the freezing temperatures in the morning.

For the car I have the usual: wheel chains, windscreen solution, anti-ice solution for lock (always keep it in your home, not in the car!) and some plastic stuffs to clean the ice off the windows.

And for me, I have the proper gear for the season. It’s not the time for just jeans and t-shirt, I need to add layer after layer.

First, in October, when the mornings are getting colder, I put up the hoodie, followed by a proper sweater and just went the things are getting unbearably cold, adding a jacket. On the pants side…. I don’t really add a lot of stuff. I do prefer sticking with jeans or maybe some sweatpants to deal with the cold outside.

On the shoes side, that’s another story. When the things are getting slippy-er, it’s time to renounce the simple sneakers and get out the ankle winter boots. It is a hustle to add the feet on those boots in the morning, but those boots protect your from ankle injuries or maybe even more, if you have some good sole to keep you safe on the ice.

As a treat, I got myself some fur boots some years ago and those are amazing when you want to get out on the snow. Try the leather one, waterproof, so you can go out and enjoy the snow without getting frostbites. Leather boots are not required, but those are far more resilient. I have my pair of boots since 2013 and they still keep it together.

Also, you need some proper gloves when you are cleaning your windscreen. Not the big ones, you can’t don anything in them, the simple ones are what you need. They offer you flexibility and protect your hand from the cold. If you want just to keep your hands out of the cold, use your pockets.

Missed anything ? No, I haven’t forgot about the hat, but you have a lot of variations. You can try a simple beanie, a cap or if you want proper protection and some Slav points, an ushanka, with proper protection for ears.

That’s about all, I think. So what’s your gear for this winter ?


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