How to Wear Jeans Skirt with Boots


The hot weather is no excuse to give up wearing boots with your favorite jeans skirt. You can totally wear ankle booties, tall boots, rain boots or any boots you like. Forget about leggings, tights and the thigh highs, now it’s time to have flattering outfits for hot days. The important thing you need to take in consideration is the skirt length to boot height ration, which sometimes can be tricky.

If you want to wear a mini jean skirt you can pair it with thigh-high boots or with ankle boots. High boots are better for special occasions, while ankle boots can look great for a casual look. When you wear a pencil skirt you will want to go with a pair of stiletto booties in order to have an elegant and stylish look. A-line skirts, no matter the length, will always look good with knee-high boots. A denim skirt goes amazing with suede boots if you want to evoke the ‘90 s trend.

Also, an important advice to take in consideration is to match your boots with your dress. This is kind of obvious, but worth remembering. In other words, don’t wear stiletto heels with a mini jeans skirt or chunky motorcycle boots with an elegant and classic denim skirt.

Figuring out how to wear jeans skirt with boots is not an easy task. We do love a cool and edgy denim skirt paired with cool boots, but we agree also that is important to master this combination. Actually, pairing a jeans skirt (feminine) with boots (masculine item) is all about balance. It requires blending in a fashionable way opposite styles so you will look charming and beautiful.

While we love wearing boots with a pair of jeans, we also would like to know how to wear them with feminine skirts. This is a combo that we totally encourage you to enjoy everyday. The jeans skirt is a must-have item this summer, while boots are a great and edgy accessory that will improve any outfit.

We hoped you enjoyed our tips and tricks on how to wear jeans skirt with boots!


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