Unusual weather in Romania


Romania has experienced some unusual hot days in November. Temperatures have reaches 20 degrees Celsius in some parts in southern Romania, something quite unique in a region when November hits, it’s winter time.

Far more interesting is that just 200 km north, Transfagarasan and TransAlpine roads that go over the Carpathians at over 2000 meters experienced temperatures of -10 degree celsius and a ton of snow during that same period.

It’s maybe a sign that Romanians need to prepare them self for this season by keeping at least some light fleece sweaters in the back of their car on when they travel, since the temperature difference can be quite high in such a short distance.

Fortunately, here in Romania there are a lot of shops that have traditional wool sweaters that are warm and cozy to wear during the winter period. However, if just go some km south, that type of clothing might be to hot for a November day.

That’s why, as mentioned, it’s easier to have a small bag with you with some change clothes for this type of weather. Choose a long sleeve blouse with some cargo or chino pants for a relaxing day in town, but if the weather is getting worse, having a jacket or a sweater can save the day.

Also, if you are going for a mountain trip, get some proper gear for this. Some hiking boots for women with a strong sole and ankle grip, some pants that are cozy and warming, but that can easily dry in a night, a ski jacket and a long sweater to keep your body on a stable temperature.

And most of all, get some proper winter tires on your car, so you don’t get stuck on a  swirling road in the mountains for the night, maybe some car chains, a shovel and some food and water, just in case.

You never know when you’ll need them.


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