Tall boyfriend jeans


Wear the right clothes for you!

Matching your silhouette with the right clothes can sometimes be a real problem, but if you learn how to choose the perfect pieces for your figure, you’ll see how smooth things will go from there on!

Regardless your silhouette, everybody has or should have a pair of boyfriend jeans in their wardrobe, but if you are petite or tall you must pay attention on what styles you’re choosing.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at tall boyfriend jeans because there are a lot of women out there who struggle with this issue: how to wear tall boyfriend jeans! There are a few rules you must take into consideration but nothing complicated.

Most tall women have long legs and some of them are happy with that achievement but others are not happy with their silhouette. For both categories, wearing tall boyfriend jeans will help them look amazing and adjust the outfits after the results they are looking for.

The main secret consists of trying to find a balance in your outfits, so it is really important what items you choose to put together. A pair of tall boyfriend jeans looks amazing next to a button-up shirt, but if you choose to tuck it into the jeans you’ll give more structure to your silhouette.

You can also choose to mark your waistline with a belt or with any other accessory which will draw all the attention to that area. If you are pretty tall, try to stick with plains and no printed items because they are more suitable for you.

The footwear also plays an important role in creating the perfect outfits with tall boyfriend jeans. To add some femininity to your looks, go for sandals with medium heels which will give you the perfect amount of sexiness. Stiletto heels will add some more centimeters to your height but if you choose some kitten heels, you should be just fine.

The most important thing when wearing tall boyfriend jeans is to find yourself in that outfit and to feel a connection with everything you’re wearing because this will weight more than any stylish piece or trend.


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