Ripped skinny jeans


The next big thing in fashion

Fashion is taking very bold twists lately and slowly it started breaking the rules we knew. If a few years ago, you would toss away a piece of clothing which started to rip off or, today fashion designers are coming up with new ideas to reuse these items.

There is a bit of a difference between ripped jeans and distressed jeans. The first ones allow you to show more skin than the distressed ones. The most common rips are found on the knees, but if you are a daring person, there are jeans with rips around the bottom area. When you wear ripped skinny jeans, you must know that almost always, once with the wearing, the rips will become bigger and bigger and will expand. This should not be a problem, since the skin is already showing.

Wearing this kind of jeans might not sound a good idea for the cold season. But there are some ways in which you can make them work even in winter time. You can style them with a pair of leggings, preferably in a contrasting colour to draw some attention to the rips or with some sheer stockings or even with a pair of fishnet tights. Wearing stockings also works for the person who doesn’t feel like exposing some skin, but still likes the effect of the ripped jeans.

Ripped skinny jeans are very easy to integrate into an outfit. It gives it that relaxed, laid-back look. Starting with sneakers and ending with heels, any type of footwear works great with ripped jeans. You can also add a plain, loose t-shirt or go big with a sequins top, there are actually no rules into styling them.Ripped skinny jeans are the best alternative if you want to show some skin, but you don’t feel like wearing shorts or a skirt. The thing with this kind of jeans is that the bigger the rips, the better! You can not go wrong if you are trying to do the rips yourself, because there is no rule to it. The internet is full of tutorials on how to transform a simple and boring pair of skinny jeans into a fashionable piece.


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