One piece swimsuit with ruffles


Make a statement through swimsuit

Swimsuits can say a lot about your style and personality, reason why you should be very careful when you choose and wear one.

A swimsuit with ruffles is just as a regular one but it has specific details which makes it stand out. Thanks to it, a one piece swimsuit with ruffles is suited for all sorts of silhouettes and shapes because they have the power to hide away some body parts that you are not so proud of.

If you think about yourself that you are a bit oversized, try wearing a swimsuit with ruffles around your waist because first of all it will create a beautiful line around the waist and second of all, the ruffle will wall over your hips hiding them away.

You can also play with the colors and the prints and if you are already doing this with your other clothes, you know by now what suits you and what not. A small and very detailed pattern is as great as a plain black swimsuit because, next to the ruffles they will make you look slimmer and skinnier.

Another great thing about the one piece swimsuit with ruffles is that it is not only able to hide away certain featured but to enhance them too. For example, if you want to show off your bust or to make it look bigger, go for a ruffled swimsuit.

The same thing works for hips and shoulders, depending on the style and the effect you want to get. A white one piece swimsuit with ruffles will make you look perfect and the effect will be even more intense if your skin is already tanned.

An important thing you must know about the one piece swimsuits with ruffles is that they are not so great for tanning because due to the large amount of material, they will cover a good part of your torso.

But this should not be a problem if you don’t like the sun as much as the water. For those times when you just want to sit by the pool under the umbrella, read a book and have a cocktail, a statement swimsuit like this is perfect for you.

A one piece swimsuit with ruffles is the definition of sexyness and femininity which should not miss from your beach bag this summer!


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