Long coats for men


How to style them right

For a woman, nothing is more attractive than a well dressed men which has style and attitude. For this reason and not only, you should always pay attention to what you’re wearing, regardless the season.

One of the most important rules when picking out any piece of clothing is to fit you right and to match your sizes. Being outwear pieces, long coats for men have some distinctive aspects you should take into consideration when picking out one.

Since you put it on top of anything else you’re wearing, you should keep in mind to choose a looser fitted one.

Think about how you would look if you’re wearing a suit and try to add a fitted long coat on top. Your shoulders would look disproportionate and there would be a chance that you couldn’t even close the buttons.

No matter what you’re wearing under, pay attention to proportions and sizes, especially around your waist, shoulders and arms. If you choose the right fit for you, your outfit will be impeccable.

Long coats for men are pieces which can be worn on top of almost any outfit. From formal wear to casual and relaxed outfits, a long coat will complete what you’re wearing and add a plus of style and class.

In contrast to a jacket, a coat will always make you look polished and dressed up, even if you choose to wear sneakers, a pair of distressed jeans and a hoodie under it.

If you’re new to this styling area and don’t know where to start from, go for basic pieces. Simple cuts, fine lines and neutral colors  will always pull you out of any fashion crisis without having to worry that you’ll look over or under dressed.

If you have experience with this type of piece and want to try a new approach, go for bold materials and heavy combinations. You can choose a mix between leather and wool for a statement appearance which won’t let you pass unnoticed.

What is versatile about long coats for men is that through them you can give a boost of style to your outfit, even if you’re wearing the most boring clothes under it.


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