How to wear over the knee boots with skirts


Find out what looks good on you!

The thing with how to wear over the knee boots with skirts is knowing a few thing about the proportions so keep reading to find out how to master this fashion chapter.

During fall and winter you might be tempted to skip the skirts and the dresses and to go for something cozier and thicker but you must look feminine and stylish no matter the season, so you just have to know what you have in order to know how to work with it.

A pair of over the knee boots is a must this season so go for a classic, neutral color which you can wear in more than just one combination.

Beige, gray, nude or brown are some of the colors, besides the all-time favourite black which can work in a lot of outfits for the cold season.

After you’ve chosen the boots you must think about the skirt you are going to wear so for the winter we would recommend you to look for thicker styles made out of wool or cloth which will keep your legs warm even during the coldest days.

If you are not sure what works for you and what doesn’t, go for a black and white outfit, great for any occasion, from work to any casual activities.

To make the best out of this trend, you must know how to work with the proportions and how to make your silhouette look slimmer and taller. Make sure you always leave some skin showing between the skirt and the boots and that will be the center of attention in your entire outfit.

If you want your figure to look even more taller and fitted, pick out a pair of over the knee boots with high heels. Next to a mini skirt and a basic top you’ll be ready to draw all the attention and all this will be possible with just a few pieces.

How to wear over the knee boots with skirts doesn’t have to be that big of a deal if you follow the advice above. Try on multiple styles until you find out what works best for you and you’ll see what a boost of confidence you’ll get.


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