How to wear a tuxedo


Are you the kind of guy that likes to have fun and feel comfortable? Well, if you are, than you probably have your closets full of jeans and T-shirts. But the truth is that you will have to attend some special events that require an elegant outfit. Tuxedos are pretty popular among men at formal events.

When choosing a tuxedo though, you have to make sure it is the best. You will not wear a tuxedo every day and a great tuxedo can be quite expensive. This is why if you cannot afford to buy one, you should try and rent one. Or, you can first buy the jacket and after a few months the pants.

How and where to wear a tuxedo?

Of course that the tuxedo is only appropriate for formal events. But, not all formal events are appropriate for tuxedos. The most common events that are appropriate for such an attire are the weddings.

You can wear a tuxedo at a wedding if it takes place in a very fancy restaurant, or if you are the best man. At all other weddings you can just choose an elegant suit. When at a formal event you have to wear a tuxedo it is generally written on the invitation.

Now, no matter the event you attend, the tuxedo must be worm with a white shirt. There are plenty of white shirts and it is important to know that you must choose one that has cufflinks.

The white shirts that have simple plastic buttons are not the right choice for a tuxedo. Also, the bow tie is the choice that you have to make and forget about the tie. The color of the bow tie is of course mandatory and it has to be black.

The shoes are just as important for the tuxedo. They have to be elegant and in an impeccable state.

You will be able to find plenty of amazing tuxedos on online stores, but before wearing it, make sure it has the perfect measures. If needed, search for the nearest seamstress and get it fixed.


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