How to prepare your hiking backpack


Pack like a pro!

If you’re planning a long hike, you’ll need to bring along a backpack with all the essentials for the trip: food, water and other survival supplies. Take time to plan out what are you going to carry for your amazing trip.

We are here to help you with a few tricks.

How to prepare your hiking backpack:

While preparing a backpack might seem like no big deal, it’s an important task that can make the difference between an uncomfortable or a fantastic experience.

First of all, choose the backpack. You will definitely want the lightest possible backpack, but if you plan to stay overnight you can’t get away with a small one.

After choosing the backpack, think about the essential supplies. It might be tempting to bring along a journal, your favorite pillow or mug, but bringing unnecessary things will weight you down and make your trip uncomfortable. Instead of using a camera, take some photos with your mobile device’s camera.

Also, consider looking for the lightest gear possible. In case you need to bring with you a sleeping bag, choose an extremely lightweight one, if you need glasses and mugs, choose plastic ones. Don’t forget to take into account the weather, the climate and the terrain of where you’ll be hiking, because sometimes you may need bulkier items.

You should have a pile for small and heavy items. Organizing your essentials this way will help you pack everything properly to ensure your hike will be as comfortable as possible.

Also, consolidate items wherever possible, because it’s important to maximize space as much as possible. For instance, if you need to carry an extra pair of hiking boots with you, store in them your extra pair of socks, or if you have a small cooking pot fill it up before and pack it. Your toiletries should be all stored in one lightweight plastic bag to keep them together. This is a great opportunity to eliminate items that are taking up too much space.

Another important tip: pack the lightest items at the bottom and the heaviest close to your back. That way the weight will be distributed. Also, keep your essential items (a map, GPS, bottle of water, first aid items) immediately accessible.

Take into account our useful tips and tricks and you will definitely pack like a pro!


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