How to Find Affordable Leather Belts


Good Quality Belts at Good Prices

Have you ever seen super expensive belts and wondered why they cost so much? After all, why would you want to spend a fortune on an accessory when you can also find affordable prices if you know where to look? We all knew that the quality of leather materials varies, but it’s important to know also the reasons behind their prices.

Different Types of Natural Leather

Belts usually have different prices because they are made from various materials. This also means they have different qualitative features. There are many types of leather, but we will list the most popular ones.

Synthetic Leather

This material is exactly how it sounds like: fake leather or ecologic leather. These types of belts are very cheap and usually created with different fibers and polymers so they have the appearance of leather. However, we don’t recommend you to buy fake leather belts because they will not last very long.

Genuine Leather

These types of belts are made from inferior leather, which includes 100% real leather but also leftovers leather scraps. This inferior leather belts can be found at an affordable price, making them qualitative but also much cheaper than full-grain real leather belts.

Full-Grain Leather

This qualitative leather is made from animal skin such as python, crocodile or ostrich. This is straight leather without leftovers scraps on the inside of the material. In terms of durability, lifespan, strength and flexibility, this leather is the best. Although it can have an expensive price, you can be lucky and look for full-grain leather belts on sales and promotions. Then you can find stylish leather belts at very good prices.

After you have learned how to find affordable leather belts, you need to know to select the belt based on your personal style. If you don’t wear a belt so often you can look for a genuine leather belt, but if you wear a belt everyday you should opt for a full-grain leather belt.

But in the end, the final choice of buying a belt is up to you. However, we believe you can find a good quality belt at affordable prices if you look for sales, discounts and promotions.


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