Crochet ponchos


Upgrade your style!

With ancient origins, ponchos kept their place throughout the years in the preferences of the fashionistas. With their modern and comfortable cut, they can easily have a place in top of your preferences for this season.

Raging from the most common shades of black and white and going all the way to bright shades of red, pink or yellow, ponchos are definitely a must have in your wardrobe. With no doubt, some of the coziest pieces for fall and winter are crochet ponchos.

Due to their material, you’ll feel warm and comfy the entire day without having a lot of layers. On the other hand, crochet ponchos are a great piece for layering. You can add tank tops, blouses or bodies under it in order to have a complete and stylish outfit.

If you have never worn one before, you can start with a basic color like beige or navy blue and add the rest of the elements starting with a pair of skinny jeans and some boots.

What’s great about crochet ponchos, and not only, is that they don’t have a certain shape so it is a great piece if you want to hide away some extra kilos or other aspect that you are not so proud of.

Its loose fit allows you to feel comfortable in your skin even if you skipped a few gym classes this month. It is also a great piece to put on when you’re in a hurry because it doesn’t have any complicated zippers or buttons. You just stick your head through it and that’s pretty much it.

Most crochet ponchos don’t have any sleeves, but that doesn’t mean they are less cozy. The crochet material is usually made out of natural fibers like wool which keeps you warm unconditionally. Crochet ponchos come in all sorts of patterns and if you are a really handy person, you can even try to make your own at home.

Crochet ponchos are statement pieces in any outfit so you don’t have to try really hard to get a great outfit if you’re wearing a poncho. Add a belt to mark your waist, a hat to look more sophisticated and you’re good to go!



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