Plus size coats – How to choose you first raincoat


Looking for the perfect plus size raincoat can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially, when you can find them in so many colors, lengths and designs. But maybe you are asking yourself why would you search for plus size raincoats? Maybe you just want to have a coat that is perfect for rainy weather or you just need a fun, functional, and new raincoat.

Raincoats probably remind you of school, like those plastic yellow macs that you needed to wear when was rainy outside. Not exactly what would you expect to be in trends right now. But today you can find various plus size raincoats that can be an incredible fashion statement. Street style stars, models and actresses, all of them are wearing raincoats in stylish ways.

After you have decided to buy a new raincoat it’s also very important to know how to wear it. We recommend going classic and choose a yellow trench style coat that will never go out of style. Try opting for a waterproof coat, not water resistant and avoid at all cost shiny raincoats that are cheap. Try and get a raincoat that has a feminine shape. The main issue with these coats is that they have a straight design and you will look like wearing your boyfriend’s jacket.

From luxury to budget, you can find various raincoats that can suit you. If you are a sporty person, you can opt for a grey raincoat that is both functional and stylish. Pair it with comfortable leggings and a pair of black trainers for a city casual outfit. Sporty raincoats are versatile and can be worn in various landscapes. You can wear them when you go hiking, walk through the city or for a romantically wine tour during cold months.

If you are buying your first plus size rain coat, we recommend looking for one in a dark color that is functional, stylish and travel-friendly. With a classic raincoat you can combine many clothes and shoes. You will never run out of style with a classic, yet casual rain coat.


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