How to accessorize one shoulder dress


The most sensual way to show off your shoulders this season

One shoulder dresses have been very popular lately. We spotted them to many of our favorite bloggers and we can say that it’s a pity to not have a dress like this in our closet. It’s just the perfect item for the moments when we are eager to have a more feminine and sexy look.

Usually, one shoulder dress is the chosen item especially for proms or weddings.

Yet, despite the beauty of this dress style, it is hard to accessorize! That’s why before thinking about wearing a dress like this during summer there are a few things to keep in mind about accessorizing and styling it in order to pull it off glamorously.

How to accessorize one shoulder dress:

  • Don’t wear a necklace with one shoulder dress! Why? Because the neckline of the dress rises higher on the sleeve side of the dress and it makes it difficult to select a necklace that lays properly without getting lost in the dress fabric.
  • Instead, you can make a statement with earrings. Dangly earrings can be a really attractive choice with one shoulder dress. You can also choose to wear rings and bracelets, but don’t go too far! One elegant bracelet will be more than enough! For a super glamorous look you can try to style the dress with an arm cuff.
  • The best bag type for this dress is certainly a clutch, because any other bag that presents a shoulder strap can interrupt the long lines and beautiful cut of the dress. Plus, a clutch, will be just perfect to carry your essentials and will not distract from the rest of the outfit.
  • When wearing an one shoulder dress you should have a flawless hairstyle. Opt for a tight chignon for a sophisticated look or for a soft bun for a sweeter look. Don’t keep your hair down because it will hide your shoulder.

Do you like one-shoulder dresses? What sort of accessories are you planning to wear with this dress?


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