Why you need to test your software before launching


If you work in a firm that develops software or create custom website, you know that after you update every version of your soft, you need to know if there are any issues. Most of the time software developers don’t have the time to check every single detail from the software, and that why some software testing is required before any version being launched to the public. Fortunately, there are some procedures in place for those who want to test a software before launching and of course, people trained for this.

There have been numerous websites that had been cracked open or had some personal information leaks because they didn’t test things properly. You don’t want to have your database, server or website with such problems, trust me. I personally had a lot of problems trying to correct a simple hack on my wordpress website, so you can imagine having to correct a lot of files on a more complex content management system or server. It’s a pain.

That why with every launch it’s easier to have some testers …. test some functionalities of your website. You can get from a simple misalignment of a box to a full error that can blow out the database. But you’ll never know before you test this out.

There are a number of ways in which you can test your product, like:

Each and every type of testing can offer some clues about the software and can test it in each and every way, to be sure that aren’t issues. Of course, even if you get it tested, you may still find some bugs from time to time, but it’s easier to repair a simple bug than to have your all coding team trying to figure out why the software isn’t working properly.

That saves time and in the future a lot of money, because most of the custom software build it’s created to automate some things or keep track of some larger database and products. And that’s need, no matter what type of technology you use, even if it’s php development, java, .net development or mobile application development.

So do you want to develop something big ? After you start something, get a testing team to check it out. Have you started a software and need some improvements ? Get a testing team to check it out. Better safe than sorry.


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