Mountain walks


Here in Romania, we are blessed to have a lot of mountain ranges and some spectacular views.

Almost 30 % of country is covered in mountains, so from late March all the way to November, you can outside and walk on the mountain and have some fun and make some sport at the same time.

That’s why when I’ve got an invitation to go hiking in Ireland, I wasn’t quite keen on getting there. We do have some spectacular scenery here in Romania, what can I see there in Ireland ?

I did however wanted to get to Dublin in ages, so I did agree on a walking holiday in Ireland and purchased myself some tickets for Dublin.

Since Ryanair come to Romania, going from Dublin to Bucharest was easier and cheaper then ever, so I booked a flight and got myself on the capital of Ireland.

And of course, when I got there, it started raining. No surprise there, Ireland and UK are known for their rainy days. It didn’t bother me, since I arrived somewhere late in the afternoon, I just went for my hotel and got out to the pub and poured me some Guinness.

The next day, after a short walk around Dublin and two meetings with some friends in Dublin, I did meet my friend in Dublin, which explained me that we are going in the Wicklow Mountains for a three day trip. So I’ve listed and prepared myself for a 3 day trip… with more Guinness.

A bad decision, since on the next day we were leaving at 8 AM, not the perfect hour for a person that had some drinks a night before. But with some water and two aspirins, I got on my feet and started walking.

We were walking near the Liffey River and started climbing and climbing until we got on a high plateu, with Liffey River somewhere in the valley, which was quite impressive.

But the most amazing thing about Ireland does have to be the green. Everything there is always green, a lot of grass and some amazing level differences.

In those three days we’ve been on the Maulin and Djouce, coming back near the Powerscourt Waterfall and going back to Old Long Hill.

Was I impressed ? A bit. Still not the mountain ranges in Europe, but if you want to go and just explore the mountain and walk, Ireland mountain are quite nice.

Would I come again ? Probably. I do want to go on the highest peak in Ireland, just to have put the check mark on my mountain list. I do have to get on the south west part, so I’ll probably need more than a week for that.

But I thinks it’s worth it.



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