Lost in translations


On this blog I do try and relate some of the Romanian news to the English speaking people around the world. Not a lot of them, but still enough of them to make me continue working and adding informations about Romania in English language.

However, I’ve observed in the last months that a sizable German community started watching this blog (and I thank you for that). Some of them even asked me If I would be interested into starting a blog in german about Romanian news.

Personally, I think that are better sources than this blog to get informations in german about Romania. But that’s not the only issue. I barely know some words in German, so it’s not going to be an useful thing trying to create something like this.

Sometimes I even started some drafts in german, trying to do some “google translate” work on certain type of news and then run them through some of my German speaking friend here in Romania, but the results were mixed.

As an example, take this simple:

RO: Toamna aceasta e preconizata a fi foarte calduroasa, deci inca nu e nevoie sa va scoateti geaca cu gluga din dulap, pentru ca nu va fi vorba de ploi sau ninsori in urmatoarea luna.

EN: This fall the forecast seems to be very hot, so it’s not yet needed to take out the hooded coat out of the cabinet, cause we’re not going to have any rain or snow in the following month.

DE: In diesem Herbst scheint die Vorhersage sehr heiß zu sein, so dass es noch nicht nötig ist, den Kapuzenmantel aus dem Schrank zu nehmen, weil wir im nächsten Monat keinen Regen oder Schnee haben werden.

Now, in RO and EN this phrase is quite ok formulated, but in German there are quite a lot of words that are strange, according to some of my German sepaking friends. However, they don’t really have the time and I don’t really have the cash to create some good articles.

Do you know any free solutions that can help me out translating some of my articles in german ?


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