The stage of the works at DN 76 and when the Beius – Ştei ringroad will be ready


Concerned about the fate of DN 76 road, PSD parlament member Gheorghe Bogdan met with representatives from the management of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration and the Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges Cluj Napoca on Wednesday 19 July.

At the request of the parlament member Gheorghe Bogdan and the mayor of Dragneşti village, Ovidiu Banda, the specialists from the road company analyzed the possibility of extending the rehabilitation works of DN76 to the first house from the main entrance to the commune, a proposal that would actually mean a reduction of 10-15 m of the respective section, without affecting the properties or the public works on that part.

Status of work on DN76

  • The Oradea section – Bitii Hill was divided into three lots. At the beginning of next week, an auction for the first 15 km of the route will appear in the electronic procurement system. Thus, on the Oradea – Băile Felix route will be made bridges, bridges, gutters, supporting walls and a new layer of wear will be laid.
  • On the section of Ştei – Bîţul Hill, the works consisting of bridges, concrete floors, concrete gutters and casting of a new layer of wear above the existing one are to be completed this year.
  • On the Seti – Peaks section, with a length of 33.31 km, the works will continue this year, and they are expected to be completed in November.

As for road works on DN76 in the municipality of Beiuş, which are not subject to the rehabilitation project, they will be resumed next week from the CNAIR funds.

The works will begin next week with laying a fresh level of asphalt from the entrance of Beiuş from Drăgăneşti to the exit to Pocola, taking into account the arrangement of the two roundabouts in the city: from the intersection with Stâna de Vale, respectively from the center line, in the immediate vicinity of the Orthodox Church.

Beiuş-Ştei round-around will be ready in 2019

Although the execution contract for Beiuş-Finis-Tarcaia-Drăgăneşti-Rieni-Ştei-Lunca bypass variant was signed on October 5, 2016, the works have not yet begun.

According to the parlament member, “in the immediate period will be given the start order of the works for the detour variant project”. The bypass road has a length of 27.23 km and the works will be executed by Copisa Constructora Pirenaica S.A.

At the same time, Gheorghe Bogdan also states that “the works at Beiuş-Ştei belt benefit from government funds and can be started in good conditions this year. The deadline for completion was estimated for 2019 “.

The value of the works amounts to 257.41 million lei without VAT.


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