Road temporary blocked between Suceava and Falticeni


DN2 is temporary blocked between the towns of Suceava and Falticeni so the snowplows can clear the snow from the asphalt.

The road was closed since 19:00 and it’s going to reopen at around 21:30, after the road will be properly cleaned of snow.

Suceava county chief said that the snowplows can’t be efficient if the traffic is open, increasing the risk of road bloks in the areas in which snow strolls can form, especially in Cumparatura.

In the Suceava county there are other closed roads, like DN17 between Suceava and Paltinoasa, an area in which the visibility is low because of the strong winds that dispel the snow.

On the area between Siret and Spataresti on DN 2A has been added a tonnage restriction for vehicles with a mass larger than 7.5 tones.

Beside the national roads, there are five county road that are blocked in Suceava county:

  • DJ 209J from Arbore to Clit
  • DJ 178 from Arbore to Burla
  • DJ 209K from Marginea to Volovat
  • DJ 209A from Horodniceni to Bradatel
  • DJ 291A from Siret to Musenita and Fratautii Noi.

According to the Suceava county prefect, in the county had been instituted the orange coade from Friday starting at the 18:00 until Saturday at 08:00, and according to this it’s going to snow and the wind will intensify, with speeds of 80-90 km/h and on the mountain area at over 100 km/h, with the blizzard dispelling the snow.


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