Retracing the steps of his grandfather: a 30k journey


Adventure on four wheel, from Romania to Siberia for a person living in Satmar region of Romania. He and his son started an expedition to retrace the steps on his grandfather, an escaped prisoner of war did during the Second World War. They will try to make 30 000 km in 70 days.

They have prepared well, with tools and exchange parts, clothes for the harsh winter of Siberia, good sleeping bags and food to last them for at least two weeks.

Atilla and Norbert Bartici, father and son, have started yestarday on this big journey, retracing the steps made by Atilla’s grandfather during the Second World War, when he escaped from Siberia working camp. The trip took two years, until he managed to get home safe in Romania.

They’ve prepared for almost an year for the 30 000 km expedition in which they will travel through 17 countries like Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia (Sakartvelo), Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Kyrkistan, Mongolia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. The half-way point will be Vladivostok, the eastern most big city in Russia.

The car and the modification required for the roads and harsh weather of Siberia cost them 4500 euros, and visas for some of the countries cost them somewhere around 1500 euros.

When they’ve left Satu Mare, they’ve been waved goodbye and safe trip by family and friends, but also from Satu Mare mayor, who offered them the city flag.

This adventure would most likely keep them around 70 days on the road.

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