Powerful explosion in Bistrița


In the middle of the night people heard an explosion, followed by the scream of the people who had been hurt. More then 9 people were injured on wednesday early hours after a big explosion in an apartment in Bistrita.

According to the policeman and firefighter that have arrived shortly after, the explosion set of in an apartment situated on the third floor of a building. More than 60 apartments were damaged, with two other buildings nearby suffering damages after the explosion.

Apparently the explosion was produced in apartment of an young man that had drug problems and had improvised a heating installation near a gas cylinder.

ISU Bistrita-Nasaud was announced of an explosion in an apartment building. At the place, they found 9 people who needed medical emergency, one of the badly burned after the explosion, with 70 % burnes on his body. Explosion affected 40 apartments from the same building and another 20-25 form the building nearby. All the people have been safely evacuated until the leak had been put in order, said Ioan Budurlean, spokesman for ISU Bistriţa-Năsăud.

All the appartments nearby are now without glasses and doors, and Eon Gaz, firefighters and police investigate the causes of the explosion and how affected are the buildings.


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