Commmorative silver coin launched by Romanian National Bank


BNR (Romanian National Bank) launched on Monday a new commemorative coin to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Romanian Independence day.

The coin has the nominal value of 10 lei, it’s made from silver and weighs in 31 grams, with a 37 mm diameter, edged rim. A number of 200 coins were made.

On the front we have an image from 1877 with the Romanian troops victoriously marching after the Independence War, with arc inscription reading: “Romania”, the nominal value of 10 lei, Romanian coat of arms and emission year: 2017.

On the back we have the portrait of Carol The First, the Romanian King in that period, and the circle inscription reading: 140 years from the state independence proclamation” and “Carol I”.

Don’t get your hopes up though, since the coins are almost all sold by now to collectors in Romania.



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