From 2018, Romanian citizens are going to pay more on their electricity bill


Electrical bills for 2018 are going to be higher for the Romanian consumers

National Regulation Authority for Energy approved a request from Transelectrica for increasing the tarrifs with more than 28 % than the current one for the services provided since January 1st, 2018.

This increase of price for energy comes after Transelectrica gave dividents in advance in september, somewhere around 40 million euros, which normally need to be given only when a company is profitable. And of course, Transelectrica in not profitable, since they asked for a tarrif increase because of possible losses on the fourth quarter of 2017.

The refference tarrif increased with 2.67 per MWh, and this increase will be felt by the Romanians, with an estimate of 1 % increase in the final energy price. Maybe more, if the winter turn out to be a hard one.

Transelectrica is controled by the Romanian state, with a 58.68 % share.


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