Exterior Surveillance


Have you always wondered how nice it would be to stay at home at check out all the activity on the factory ? Well, in 2016 you can, because the surveillance systems that exist on the market. You can check how the factory is going even if you are sick and barely get out of bed. Like I am right now.

And it’s nice, since I don’t really like to move a lot when I got a bad cold. It’s not happening a lot, but when it does, man, those days are rough. I can barely move for a day or two. Happily, even the worst of cold won’t last more than a week, so I am usually back on the factory sooner.

Back to the surveillance systems. I have installed DVR cameras, fire repugnant systems and some electronic locks for some of the key area in the factory. In the main working area, I have 4 HQ cameras that can register HD 720p, 60fps, usefull if I want to zoom in an check out what some people are doing during the working hours. I don’t do that often, only when I have suspicion that something is not right.

The best thing about those systems ? I can check them on the comfort of my home, from my tablet or laptop, without needing anything more than an internet connection. At my place and at the factory. And since here in Romania we have some excellent internet connections, the up time of the system is around 95 %, which is good enough for me.

As a last data, getting all of those can be expensive, if you want the pro versions, but can worth it, since the productivity is good. People don’t loose time, knowing that there are cameras around the factory supervising them 24/7. And they work properly, without long pauses.

So, if you want to have a productive factory, maybe consider installing them.


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