Unusual weather in Romania

Unusual weather in Romania

Romania has experienced some unusual hot days in November. Temperatures have reaches 20 degrees Celsius in some parts in southern Romania, something quite unique in a region when November hits, it’s winter time.

Far more interesting is that just 200 km north, Transfagarasan and TransAlpine roads that go over the Carpathians at over 2000 meters experienced temperatures of -10 degree celsius and a ton of snow during that same period.

It’s maybe a sign that Romanians need to prepare them self for this season by keeping at least some light fleece sweaters in the back of their car on when they travel, since the temperature difference can be quite high in such a short distance.

Fortunately, here in Romania there are a lot of shops that have traditional wool sweaters that are warm and cozy to wear during the winter period. However, if just go some km south, that type of clothing might be to hot for a November day.

That’s why, as mentioned, it’s easier to have a small bag with you with some change clothes for this type of weather. Choose a long sleeve blouse with some cargo or chino pants for a relaxing day in town, but if the weather is getting worse, having a jacket or a sweater can save the day.

Also, if you are going for a mountain trip, get some proper gear for this. Some hiking boots for women with a strong sole and ankle grip, some pants that are cozy and warming, but that can easily dry in a night, a ski jacket and a long sweater to keep your body on a stable temperature.

And most of all, get some proper winter tires on your car, so you don’t get stuck on a  swirling road in the mountains for the night, maybe some car chains, a shovel and some food and water, just in case.

You never know when you’ll need them.

Sport shorts

Sport shorts

Sports short are cool, versatile, cozy – the perfect choice for summer days. If you like fashion, wearing sports shorts would not seem your first option. But if you know how to match them with various items, you can attain a relaxed and stylish look. We think that sports shorts are the best because they are insanely comfortable.

For the days when you would like to have a sporty, but stylish outfit the sporty shorts can be the best choice for you. Most of us like to feel comfortable, especially when we have busy days. You can wear them when you go grocery shopping, jogging or to the gym. But of course, if you know how to pair them with casual or even elegant items you will have an urban and feminine look.

Sports shorts are flattering because they look good on any type of silhouette, no matter if you are thin, have an athletic build or a curvy body. Depending on your preferences you can choose different fabrics. Thin women may like to wear gym, spandex shorts and curvy ladies would like the shorts to be a little bit longer and looser. If you would like to wear shorts with casual looks then you need to opt for a length that is appropriate.

What’s so amazing about sports shorts is that they come in various, bright colors. Black can be slimming, but a little bit of color will add spice to your outfits. Having cute, colorful clothes will make you feel excited and happy.

We think that sports shorts are versatile. Of course, you can’t wear them on formal events, but they can be the perfect transition from gym to a casual look. On the days when you don’t want to wear jeans, leggings or a dress, then a pair of sports shorts will be the best bet. You can make them look more every-day appropriate by matching them with a basic T-shirt and a pair of sandals or sneakers. This is the perfect outfit when you would like to feel super comfortable. On the other hand, sports shorts are great for any physical activity from basketball, running, workout at the gym, Zumba, cycling or Yoga.

Capri leggings

Capri leggings

Capri leggings usually end mid-calf or two to four inches above your ankles. If you don’t know how to wear them and you are about to give up on them, maybe you are right. This length has a terrible reputation because they can make your legs look thick and short. Having this said, we suggest you not abandon your capri leggings in the closet, instead learn how to style them.

Capri leggings can make you look slim, chic and modern. You just need to find out which ones are flattering your silhouette and also it’s important to pair them with the right items. But this season the overall look of Capri leggings is going to be trendy because they are geeky and stylish. We think that these leggings are also sexy because they are reveling a little bit of skin and the ankle bone. They look great paired with ankle boots, flats or sandals with straps. During summer days, capri leggings can keep you cooler, but they are also a great choice for autumn and spring.

If you want to overcome the effect of short legs when you wear Capri leggings then you need to wear high heels. Pairing wedges or pumps with Capri leggings is something that really works. You will have a pin-up, retro vibe perfect for a cocktail party. For tall women, we recommend ballerina flats, canvas sneakers, and sandals. We think that ballerina flats are the classic choice that is more appropriate for office looks. Sandals with straps are great during summer, while sneakers combined with capri leggings are perfect for a beach, casual outfit.

Our favorite way to wear Capri leggings is with a short dress or a tunic. This is a trendy look perfect for women of all ages. For a more elegant approach, add to your look a statement necklace or other feminine jewelry. A big necklace will make your outfit hipper.

Despite Capri leggings are well known for leg shortening characteristic, if you know how to wear them you can have beautiful, stylish, modern and feminine looks. What you really want is to have a balanced outfit and to achieve a flattering silhouette.

Mountain walks

Mountain walks

Here in Romania, we are blessed to have a lot of mountain ranges and some spectacular views.

Almost 30 % of country is covered in mountains, so from late March all the way to November, you can outside and walk on the mountain and have some fun and make some sport at the same time.

That’s why when I’ve got an invitation to go hiking in Ireland, I wasn’t quite keen on getting there. We do have some spectacular scenery here in Romania, what can I see there in Ireland ?

I did however wanted to get to Dublin in ages, so I did agree on a walking holiday in Ireland and purchased myself some tickets for Dublin.

Since Ryanair come to Romania, going from Dublin to Bucharest was easier and cheaper then ever, so I booked a flight and got myself on the capital of Ireland.

And of course, when I got there, it started raining. No surprise there, Ireland and UK are known for their rainy days. It didn’t bother me, since I arrived somewhere late in the afternoon, I just went for my hotel and got out to the pub and poured me some Guinness.

The next day, after a short walk around Dublin and two meetings with some friends in Dublin, I did meet my friend in Dublin, which explained me that we are going in the Wicklow Mountains for a three day trip. So I’ve listed and prepared myself for a 3 day trip… with more Guinness.

A bad decision, since on the next day we were leaving at 8 AM, not the perfect hour for a person that had some drinks a night before. But with some water and two aspirins, I got on my feet and started walking.

We were walking near the Liffey River and started climbing and climbing until we got on a high plateu, with Liffey River somewhere in the valley, which was quite impressive.

But the most amazing thing about Ireland does have to be the green. Everything there is always green, a lot of grass and some amazing level differences.

In those three days we’ve been on the Maulin and Djouce, coming back near the Powerscourt Waterfall and going back to Old Long Hill.

Was I impressed ? A bit. Still not the mountain ranges in Europe, but if you want to go and just explore the mountain and walk, Ireland mountain are quite nice.

Would I come again ? Probably. I do want to go on the highest peak in Ireland, just to have put the check mark on my mountain list. I do have to get on the south west part, so I’ll probably need more than a week for that.

But I thinks it’s worth it.


Backless dress for prom

Backless dress for prom

Dresses are great especially in the summer. You will be able to find that there are plenty of stores that have a large array of great dresses. Of course that there are some types of dresses that are more popular than other. Generally, the trendiest dresses are also the most popular. It is very important to choose the right dress and not all the time the right dress is also the trendiest. The prom is an important event and this is why you have to make the right choice. And since backless dresses are so popular, let’s see if you can wear them at the prom.

Backless dresses are great, but how do we choose the perfect one, especially if we need one for the prom?

Proms are of course one of the most special occasions in everyone’s life. But, even if you will be able to have fun, you should know that there is a dress code involved. Backless dresses can be a choice, but only if they are decent. One rule is that in case you wear a backless dress, it should be long, not short.

So, how to make sure you look great in a backless dress? Well, first of all, you should have the right figure, but this is not always mandatory since you can find plenty of underwear that is able to modify or slightly modify your figure. The shoes also play a very important role and you will be able to change the way you loom by buying a very different pair of shoes. They are important because at the prom you should be feeling comfortable, since you will be dancing.

The fabric used to make the dress is also very important. When purchasing a prom dress, especially from an online store, you will not have the opportunity to see how the fabric looks like. But, you can always read the label. The color of the dress is of course very important too. And since is a festive occasion, you should chose a happy color, a bright one, depending on your skin tone, of course.

What to wear with a sheath dress

What to wear with a sheath dress

The sheath dress is a feminine and chic option

The sheath dress is a simple, basic item that usually comes in a knee-length and with a high neckline. This type of dress is versatile, timeless and flattering for any body type. It will give you a ladylike silhouette and that’s why it’s a must-have piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

When it comes to what to wear with a sheath dress, whether you want an office look or a casual one, you can pair it with many items. The sheath dress is like a perfect base for various outfits. Just play with accessories and you will have awesome looks. For a corporate outfit just wear it with classic pumps, simple jewelry and a leather handbag. If you are planning a night-out try wearing the sheath dress with statement accessories, stiletto heels and a compact mini clutch. For a summer vibe, choose a sheath dress in a floral print and pair it with flat sandals, a straw tote bag and a floppy sun hat.

Adding extra layers can transform the sheath dress totally. A sleeveless dress can be a great choice in the summer time, but you can also wear it at the office with a blazer on top. You can keep it simple and throw on a jacket or a nice cardigan over, but you could also be more creative and try wearing something underneath like a turtleneck blouse or a collared shirt.

Also, the shoes are an important factor because they can really make or break any look. Sheath dresses are considered to be quite demure, so you might wear them with ballet flats or pumps. However, if you want a more extravagant look, opt for strappy sandals or wedges in the summer time, while ankle boots can be an awesome choice for fall days.

The sheath dress is a great investment because it can take you through a lot of various occasions. When looking on what to wear with a sheath dress think of feminine items of clothing and be creative about the accessories and shoes.

A-line dress for pear shaped

A-line dress for pear shaped

Being stylish means having at least one dress. There are so many options when it comes to dresses, so even pants lovers will find something they like.

Some women like to be trendy no matter what, so they buy all the latest fashionable items. This might be a mistake because some clothes simply do not compliment their figure.

If you want for example to buy an A-line dress for pear shaped figure, you should know exactly what design suits you best. An A-line dress for pear shaped figure is a great idea, especially for the warm summer days.

Another important aspect that mist be considered when wearing a white skirt is the color. It has to match perfectly with your skin tone. If you want to be trendy, then you might want to buy an A-line dress for pear shaped figure.

Where can a find the perfect  A-line dress for pear shaped silhouette?

Well, the answer is not so tricky, because there are many stores that sell products like this. First of all, we must say that if you have never worn an A-line dress before, you should go and try some products before deciding to buy.

If you can bring a friend that gives you her honest opinion, that would be perfect. Also, review your closet and decide what shoes you can pair the dress with. If you don’t have such items, make sure to buy some, but not before trying them.

No matter what you decide to buy, make sure that they are of a good quality. If you are on a tight budget, don’t worry, because there are many sales periods and you will find the perfect product at a great price.

If you already know what kind of clothes fit you perfectly, you can buy them from online stores. There are many such stores. Some of them even offer free or very cheap return services.

In order to be sure you will have a great experience buying online, you should carefully read all the terms and the policies of the store. And do not forget they you can have a lot of fun even when you are buying clothing items from online stores.

Empire Waist dress with sleeves

Empire Waist dress with sleeves

There are plenty of dresses for every single woman who likes to be stylish and comfortable on the same time. It is very important to choose the right dress taking into account some aspects.

The fabric is very important and also the color, but everything you choose has to be appropriate for the event you will be attending. One empire waist dress is a great option for every single woman that wants to attend a formal event. But, such an event requires many preparations and all the aspects of an outfit must be carefully chosen.

How to choose the right empire waist dress in order to enjoy yourself and to look amazing?

Ok, so first of all, you should know that the fabric is indeed very important. Read the label if you want to purchase a dress from an online store. You must make sure it falls nicely on your body.

The color is important and since the summer is here and the temperatures are quite high, you might want to choose some joyful colors such as pink, yellow or green. Or even better, an empire waist dress with sleeves can be great in a floral print. Yes, you read that right. Even in the summer you can wear an empire waist dress with sleeves.

Of course that this kind of dress is particularly great for the fall or for the winter, but this does not mean these seasons should be the only ones when you wear an empire waist dress with sleeves.

Make sure you choose the right size. This is important not only for the aspect, but also for the comfort. This kind of dresses can be easily accessorized, but the shoes are probably the most important accessory.

There are plenty of stores that sell empire waist dresses with sleeves. If you are not sure what to buy, you can window shop, because no one will be stopping you. Online stores are great, because you will be able to find unique dresses and if there is something that all women love, is to be unique.

How to style a baby-doll dress

How to style a baby-doll dress

From the bedroom straight to high street!

This year the baby-doll dress is one again in the spotlight.  We are not wondering why, as long as this type of dress is is highty inspired by the bay-doll nightgowns.

The babydoll dress is feminine, flirty and ideal for hot summer days. It is just the perfect item which highlights beautifully the feminine body. It usually skims gracefully over curves and can accentuate your best assets such as beautiful breasts or a gorgeous pair of legs.

Whether you choose to wear a baby-doll dress for a relaxed day during a shopping session with your best friends, or for a special evening, you must know how to style this dress to look your best!

First of all, you should know to choose the proper length. Usually, just a few inches above the knee is the best length. However, if you are petite, you can wear it a bit shorter. Also, keep in mind that if you are petite printed patterns will not look so good on you. Let them for girls that are taller, and opt for a monochrome baby-doll dress.

A baby-doll dress always looks good with a pair of heels. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for stilettos, kitten heels, even wedges. You can also choose to wear the baby-doll dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots.

Prepare to look boho and chic! For a cool summer vibe, you can go for a white baby-doll dress and style it with a head scarf or a turban. Just make sure you will choose a colorful one and that you will complete your outfit with some colorful accessories, too, for a pop of color.

During weekend, you can opt for a strapless baby-doll dress in a summery color: mint, lemon, pale pink. Just throw on a chic summer hat and a pair of flats in a nude color to instantly give to your dress a more relaxed vibe.

To look stunning while wearing this style, make sure you choose the right length, match it with high heels, and get proper support from your undergarments.

As the years passed by, the baby-doll dress has made a jump from the bedroom to the high street. Celebrities, female bloggers, trendsetters, women of all shapes and sizes enjoy wearing this seductive, but playful style!

It’s so easy to style this dress, you will want to have one immediately in your closet!

How to wear a cut-out dress

How to wear a cut-out dress

One of the biggest summer trends this year are cut-out dresses. You’ve surely noticed that the shops are completely full of them, plus, one of the best red carpet moments were with these stunning pieces.

A cut out dress will give you a sexy vibe and it exposes your skin in a really strategic way, so will not make you feel uncomfortable. Actually, a cut-out dress can be super fun and flirty without being vulgar, if worn in the right way and for appropriate occasions.

Take a peak at our essential tips and find out how to wear a cut out dress.

  • First of all, you should go for only one area to expose. Other way, exposing too much skin, can give the impression that you are trying too hard to show off your body and this could bring you on the verge of vulgarity.
  • Always choose the area you are really proud of: the back, the sides or the midriff. Never all of them!
  • Pay attention to the proportions. If the dress is short and has a really low neckline you should go for small cut-outs, other way the dress would better be covered in a sheer material or lace.
  • Every occasion has its own dress! A dress, even it presents really small cuts it will never be appropriate for a wedding, a formal ceremony or for your office look. Instead, you can wear the cut-out trend for a hot date, a drink with friends or in the club. Neither too dressy or casual, cut-out dress is also the ideal choice for a Sunday brunch with family.
  • Because we are in the middle of summer, go for bright colors! Even though black is always safe and elegant, and the perfect option for everyone, if you are feeling a little bit more confident, if you have a nonconformist personality you should go for neon colors. Plus, these colors can highlight beautifully your tanned skin.

Always keep in mind: the key to styling a cut-out dress is to keep it simple – you want the dress to do the talking!

What to wear with a mini dress

What to wear with a mini dress

The must-have dress of summer

Wearing a mini dress is a fun and stylish trend that more and more woman are choosing to indulge in. It doesn’t matter if you are petite, tall, skinny or if you have a few extra pounds, the mini dress will offer you a perfect look.

Dressing up on busy mornings can be a real adventure. That’s why if you want to be both stylish and comfortable you should choose to wear a mini dress. Anyway, for a flawless appearance you should know how to style your mini dress.

Wondering what to wear with a mini dress? Here are our suggestions:

For a Sunday brunch you can wear your mini dress with a pair of flat sandals or ballet flats and a cute boxy clutch. Accessorize your dress with some gold pieces and don’t forget to wear a colorful lipstick. This look is also ideal if you are going to have a drink in town with your friends.

For another daytime appropriate look, you can opt for a floral printed mini dress and style it with a pair of flat gladiator sandals in brown. Complete the look with a classic handbag in the same color as sandals, a teardrop necklace and some cute bangles.

A nude mini dress can be the central piece of a sporty look. Spice up the look with a pair of sneakers with lace details and a white zip envelope clutch. Grab your hair into a cute ponytail and opt for a natural make-up. Add some golden bracelets to complete the look and you’re ready to go!

For a chic night out look opt for a fitted nude dress. Try a vintage inspired look and add a pair of round or cat-eye sunglasses, matching stilettos and a nice handbag. Style the entire ensemble with a pair or simple Swarovski earrings and then you’re good to go!

Because it’s summer and the festivals are in full swing match your mini dress with a colorful kimono suede boots and some long necklaces. Just great!

Mini dresses will always be eye-catching clothing items! They are an absolute hit on the runway and on the streets alike.

The good news: they can instantly transform you into a doll or a sexy diva within minutes!

How to accessorize one shoulder dress

How to accessorize one shoulder dress

The most sensual way to show off your shoulders this season

One shoulder dresses have been very popular lately. We spotted them to many of our favorite bloggers and we can say that it’s a pity to not have a dress like this in our closet. It’s just the perfect item for the moments when we are eager to have a more feminine and sexy look.

Usually, one shoulder dress is the chosen item especially for proms or weddings.

Yet, despite the beauty of this dress style, it is hard to accessorize! That’s why before thinking about wearing a dress like this during summer there are a few things to keep in mind about accessorizing and styling it in order to pull it off glamorously.

How to accessorize one shoulder dress:

  • Don’t wear a necklace with one shoulder dress! Why? Because the neckline of the dress rises higher on the sleeve side of the dress and it makes it difficult to select a necklace that lays properly without getting lost in the dress fabric.
  • Instead, you can make a statement with earrings. Dangly earrings can be a really attractive choice with one shoulder dress. You can also choose to wear rings and bracelets, but don’t go too far! One elegant bracelet will be more than enough! For a super glamorous look you can try to style the dress with an arm cuff.
  • The best bag type for this dress is certainly a clutch, because any other bag that presents a shoulder strap can interrupt the long lines and beautiful cut of the dress. Plus, a clutch, will be just perfect to carry your essentials and will not distract from the rest of the outfit.
  • When wearing an one shoulder dress you should have a flawless hairstyle. Opt for a tight chignon for a sophisticated look or for a soft bun for a sweeter look. Don’t keep your hair down because it will hide your shoulder.

Do you like one-shoulder dresses? What sort of accessories are you planning to wear with this dress?