Cotton polo shirts for men

Cotton polo shirts for men

Outfit suggestions

Polo shirts originally came from the tennis field but they have since come to be seen not only behind a racket but also on the high street. However, choosing a polo that works great for your style isn’t something that’s so easy to achieve as it looks like. You should always know which is the design and color you should choose and always match it with the right pants.

In case you need help, we are here with some recommendations.

Cotton polo shirts for men &  How to wear them.

As a general rule, you should know that cotton polo shirts can be dressed up with a blazer or down with a pair of trainers. In any of these cases, you’ll have a polished and classy look, which makes the polo top a great addition to your every season wardrobe.

With chinos and trainers for a casual look

One of our favorite ways to wear a polo shirt is with a pair of chinos or trainers. This one is a safe and cool option – you can never go wrong with such a mix. You can choose a bright look and opt for colorful pieces, but we’d recommend to stick to neutrals and nothing too bright.

This way of styling your polo can make you look clean, neat and well-dressed for all occasions. Before matching a polo shirt with your chinos, make sure your polo fits well and is not too tight.

For the trainers, try and keep them light. A white pair of converse will fit in nicely.

With shorts and boat shoes

Because summer is just around the corner, it’s time to update your wardrobe. Match your polo shirt with shorts. Pick bright colors for casual ensembles and neutral ones for more formal looks. During summer, you don’t want anything too dark. Stick to light tones for both shirt and pants.

With a blazer

We all know that a blazer makes any man have a polished appearance. Keep in mind that for this combo you will need a relaxed blazer, not an elegant one, so that it can be worn with different pair of trousers. Pair the polo shirt and blazer with some chinos and loafers for a polished look.

Slim fit pants and oxford shoes

Perfect combo for a day at the office. Opt for some smart, polished and presentable shoes and  you’ll be ready for any formal summer occasion.

Now tell us: how do you choose to wear your cotton polo shirt?

Summer blouse with sleeves

Summer blouse with sleeves

Are you a fan of summer? Well, if you are this means you cannot wait for the hot days to offer you the perfect opportunity to wear your skirts. But, every skirt needs a blouse. And, no matter how much you like summer, most days will be spend at the office right? So, you have to find a way to bring summer into the office. Summer blouses with sleeves are an amazing idea, because they will offer you a professional look and will offer you the summery look you like to enjoy. There are plenty of great outfits that can be created using summer blouses with sleeves.

How to enjoy summer blouses with sleeves

When thinking about summer, we think about very hot temperatures. It is very important to know that even if we tend to wear sleeveless clothes, there are some occasions that require sleeves. For example, if you have an important business meeting or if you attend an official event. At the office, especially when you deal with customers, you should have a shirt or a blouse that has sleeves.

You will be able to find a wide range of summer blouses with sleeves, perfect for hot summer days. At the office, you will feel of course comfortable because most of the office buildings have air conditioning. And even when walking on the streets it is actually better to have long sleeves to protect against the sun.

The fabric is very important, because during summer is important to let your skin breathe. Cotton, linen or silk are the best choices you can make. A combination of more fibers may be a great choice, as long as most of the material is made using natural fibers.

Summer blouses with sleeves are perfect not only for skirts, but also for pants. You should take into consideration the color when purchasing such a clothing item. It is preferable avoid black and go with white or green or any other pastel color. Prints are an amazing idea, especially floral ones. Polka dots will always be a great idea in the summer, so as you can see, there are plenty of choices.

What to wear with ruffle blouse

What to wear with ruffle blouse

Cool ways to style it

The frilly, flowy ruffle blouses are so hot right now! They are super feminine and can add the volume on all the right places. In case you don’t know exactly what to wear with ruffle blouse, we spotted some best ways to wear it like a pro and to make the blouse the focal point of your look.

Check them out:

  • Lately, off-the-shoulder trend has been going lovely and strong. Just imagine an off-the-shoulder blouse with ruffles – gorgeous, right? Wear the blouse for a hot date with some shorts or with a midi skirt. You will look subtle, sexy and sophisticated at the same time.
  • At work, you can wear a ruffled blouse in a neutral shade. You want to look fashionable and formal at the same time? There’s only one way: mix the blouse with black pants, midi skirt or with flared black jeans.
  • All-black looks are eye-catching. But to make the look more dramatic, add to your black pants (or skirt) a ruffle blouse. If you still want to add a pop of color, opt for some fuchsia fringed earrings, a clutch or a pair of sandals in the same shade.
  • Even though this year those retro, classy jeans tend to look more stylish, don’t throw away your distressed jeans. They will look great with a long sleeve ruffle blouse in a vibrant shade. Mix the ensemble with some pearled heel loafers – a sophisticated and perfect combo for everyday style.
  • If you are going out, a crop ruffled blouse is really a good choice if you pair it with a midi skirt or with some high-waist pants. Complete with some cool laced shoes with a chain strap bag. You will definitely steal the spotlight!
  • If you want a relaxed look, balance out the feminine voluminous ruffled frills with simple pieces and add some sneakers. This way, you’ll get a cozy, casual appearance.
  • You can also create a playful look with careful prints and patterns. Anyways, be careful in the selection of prints and keep in mind the elegancy and decency of the look.

Now that you know how great it is, are you still wondering if the ruffle blouse is the perfect choice for summer?

Red jumpsuits for wide legs

Red jumpsuits for wide legs

If you like to stand out and be admired, than you have to buy a red jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are very popular and trendy now and you will want to have at least one, but you have to know that there are plenty of designs and not all of them are good for all body types, especially if you want to buy a red one.

If you are searching for red jumpsuits for wide legs, than you should know that there are a few rules that must be taken into account in order to have a perfect look.

How to choose the right red jumpsuits for wide legs

We all know that there is more than one body type. It is important to know the best features of your body and the not so perfect ones. Jumpsuits can be tricky, especially if you have wide legs.

But, if you avoid wearing some red jumpsuits that are the skinny type, you should be fine. Loose designs are the best for wide legs. The fabric used to make the red jumpsuit is also very important. The kind of fabric that is not stretching over your body is the best one.

And of course that the size is another thing that you have to take into account. The size of the red jumpsuit for wide legs does not only depend on your measurements, but also on the design of the jumpsuit.

If you have a body that is less the perfect you should not worry, because you will be able to find the right jumpsuit. The print of the jumpsuit may help you. Even if you like red, you might find jumpsuits that have prints.

The print can have all sorts or red shades or have a few red accents. No matter which is the case, you should choose vertical prints, because this way your legs will look longer. Another great way to make your legs look longer is to wear heels.

There are plenty of high heels shoes that are also comfortable, so that you have no excuse. Taking into account these rules, there is no way you will not have an impeccable look.

Sportswear for badminton

Sportswear for badminton

Now that spring is coming, there are a lot of activities you can perform outdoors, and playing sports is one of them. For beginners and not only, playing badminton is a real pleasure and a great way to relax.

Badminton is a sport usually played individually and it is very similar to tennis. These given, the outfits look-alike and most of the times they are the same. There isn’t a strict dress code when it comes to it, especially if you are an amateur and play just for fun, but the same rules apply for professional players too.

If you ever watched a badminton game, you’ve seen that the player’s sportswear consist in a pair of shorts and a sports t-shirt. These elements can differ from player to player and sometimes they are different for men and for women.

As you have probably seen by now, there is an alternative to the shorts for women which is the sports skirt.

By wearing one you can be sure that you’ll still look sexy and feminine, regardless the activity you’re doing or the sport you’re practicing. In order to be decent and due to the intense physical activity, these skirts have a lining under which looks like underwear but it’s actually integrated in the skirt. In this way you can jump around and play at your maximum potential without any worries.

If you want to try a new experience and play it in a team of two, wearing matching outfits would be a great idea.

For men, wearing a same-color outfit consisting in a pair of shorts and a matching t-shirt will help you feel that you are part of a team but there are combinations for mixed teams too.

A woman’s skirt matched with a man’s shorts and same tops will look great on the field and these rules apply regardless if you’re a professional player or you just want to do it for fun. Wearing the right outfit will help you move, run and hit with all your potential and give the best on the badminton field.

The most important thing when you’re playing badminton or any other sport is to feel comfortable and, why not, look stylish at the same time, while you’re winning!

Rompers for work

Rompers for work

Look stylish every day!

Choosing out outfits for your job depends very much on what kind of job you have and what you work. For a feminine and comfortable appearance, try wearing rompers for work.

An all-black romper is definitely the safest way you can go and wearing one is much more easier than you might expect. Because they consist of only one piece there’s no way that you’ll go wrong with it. There are a few aspects though that you must consider when choosing a romper for work.

If you work in a business and formal environment, your choices are pretty limited because you have to be decent and classic. Regarding the colors you’ll probably have to stick with the classics as black, navy blue and maybe some shades of brown and nude.

A printed romper is suited more for a relaxed outfit perfect for those hot summer days. We recommend you to choose a loose-fitted romper with floral prints that will brighten up even a dark Monday morning, because we all know how hard Mondays are.

Flowy and lightweight materials will be a real delight for your skin and you’ll go through the day easily when you wear something comfortable, not to say that happy prints will cheer you and the ones around you up.

Accessories play a major role in every outfit because they complete it and help you look put together and stylish. Aside from the classic office bag, you can get creative and wear a smaller size bag, even a tote or a cross-body because they are a must next to any rompers for work.

Regarding the shoe wear, sandals and stilettos are some of the most popular items and we recommend you to choose high heels for some extra centimeters to your height. If your romper has some cutouts or on open back you can wear a blazer on top because they look great together and you can drop it off if you want to transform your office outfit into an evening one.

Rompers for work are so versatile and elegant that you won’t pass unnoticed; the are the perfect modern alternative to the classic two-pieces suits.

Playsuits for weddings

Playsuits for weddings

Look spectacular at any event!

Someone’s wedding is a reason of joy and excitement but picking out your outfit can be a real problem because you have to consider more than just one thing, and the most important one is to not outstand the bride!

As long as you’re not wearing white, you should be good with any playsuit you choose, but it must be one that fits you and looks good on you. In contrast to the classic romper, a playsuit is’t kind of the same thing but shorter. Blushed colors are great for a spring or even summer wedding and some of them have specific details which makes them stand out. An open back, some ruffles or a deep cleavage are elements that’ll make you feel sexy and attractive even if you’re not in the center of attention, but the bride. Anyways, you can be the next one to draw the attention after her and that should be really flattering for you.

Playsuits for weddings come in a lot of shapes, colors and materials, but some of the most feminine and cute ones are the lace playsuits. Lace has something to it that will never change and choosing a lace playsuit will cheer up your style and appearance. You can either choose a tight playsuit or a loose fitted one because lace comes in both elastic or not elastic styles. Wearing a piece like this you can be sure that you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll be the last one standing on the dance floor.

A sequined playsuit is the most elegant piece you can choose from this category due to its material and specific shine. If you choose a playsuit with a loose fitted bottom you can even get the illusion of a dress. Marking your waistline with a belt is almost mandatory because some styles of playsuits for weddings are not the most flattering ones for your silhouette. If you’re wearing a one-color playsuit, you can add some contrast through the accessories, so picking out a matching belt with the shoes is a really good idea.

When you think about buying a playsuit for a wedding feel free to invest a little bit much in a good quality one because you can wear it to more than just one wedding due to the fact that they won’t go out of style any time soon.

Long sleeve shirts for women

Long sleeve shirts for women

Look classy and feminine!

A woman can look very casual yet elegant through the clothes she is wearing if she knows what looks best on her and what puts her in a good light!

Long sleeve shirts for women are some of the items that look good on any type of silhouette and they are so versatile, especially if you choose a popular and classic style like a white shirt.

This long sleeve shirt has to be on top of the list because it is a real classic and timeless and if you find a good quality shirt you can stick with it with more than just one season. A shirt like this can put you through a lot of different styles, depending on what you choose to wear it with.

For example, with some skinny jeans, a pair of sneakers and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, you got yourself a relaxed and comfortable outfit, but if you change the sneakers with some high heels sandals and add a small shoulder bag with a golden chain, you’re ready either for work or for a night out with the girls.

Long sleeve shirts for women are great pieces for layering too. Underneath a sweater, a cardigan or even a dress, the collar and the sleeves will make a big difference in your outfits.

Now that the spring is on it’s way, you can spice up your looks by wearing long sleeve shirts under a sleeveless printed dress. This combination will result into a happy and feminine look which will take you out of the comfort zone.

Prints play a major role in this area of long sleeve shirts for women. Aside from the classic stripes and dots there are a bunch of patterns that you’ve probably never thought of trying.

There might be some prints really scary for you to approach, but as long as you wear them with plain, basic pieces, there’s nothing that can go wrong. If you are more experienced and feel more brave, try mixing bold colors and strong prints together.

Long sleeve shirts for women are and will always be the signature of a clean and classy look, so anytime you want to feel like that, feel free to integrate them in modern and stylish outfits!

High-waist jeans outfit

High-waist jeans outfit

In love with them!

When it comes to denim we firmly believe that there’s nothing more flattering than a pair of high-waist jeans! They hide love handles, belly bulges and front flab! Are just the perfect piece of clothing that makes every woman look amazing!

If you are unsure of how to make them work for your, we’ve rounded up some ideas that will make you look sophisticated and modern.

High-waist jeans outfit

  1. Wear the jeans with a tucked in top

There is no point of wearing these pants if you are covering them with the blouse.

The good news is that they work with almost any kind of top: plaid shirts, long-sleeve tops, simple tees, shirts made of luxurious fabrics. Just go ahead and tuck your favorite blouse into your tee!

  1. Wear the jeans with crop tops

Crop tops look like they are perfectly designed for high-waist pants.

Wear them with confidence if your belly looks amazing and add a blazer over the top if you have a few extra pounds. In any case, this combo will look modern and will definitely put you into limelight!

  1. Wear them with long jackets

It doesn’t matter if you love straight high-waisted jeans or flared ones. They all look great with a long jacket. Just keep in mind to mix the pants with a short-fitted top to balance the look.

To elongate your silhouette, wear this kind of outfit with high heels.

Always opt for long, straight jackets or for the ones are cinched at the waist. Avoid bulky coats and jackets, because they make the waist look wider and they remove the hourglass shape, which is what you’re trying to achieve in wearing high-waisted pants. Also, you should avoid bulking embellishments, like wide cuffs, buttons, peplums, big prints. Just skip on all of them.

  1. Wear them with the right accessories

For high-waist jeans, pick a belt that isn’t too wide. Contrast the high-waist with a long cardigan that hits low the hips.

A crossbody bag is also great to match with high-waist jeans.

To conclude, we have an advice for you: when in doubt, simply tuck your shirt and go!

Cargo pants for men

Cargo pants for men

A bit of background

Who would have guessed, even cargo pants can look back on an 80-year-old history? And just as radiance and style suggest, it is a piece of clothing influenced by a functionality-driven “coolness”. Masculinity, coarseness and casualness, suitability for jungle stays and trenches during combat operations, as Rambo so valiantly displayed back in the 80s. The wearer of such garment, consciously or by chance, unleashes emotions close to those unleashed by past Memphis cigarettes advertisements. One must only be aware of it in order to use the characteristics in a way that suits him to his advantage.

The term “Cargo” comes from English. In this respect, the cargo trousers have been given their name based on their inherent functionality, especially in the military. This functionality is, of course, nowadays more likely to be used for work and sports. Generally speaking, the pockets are more often used as an optic enhancer but it’s always a plus to be able to wear the key or wallet comfortably and safely on you, without it being a nuisance.

During World War 2 the military appreciated the ease of transporting smaller loads, especially ammunition. Not only jackets but also trousers were provided with pockets and could already be made of elastic materials. After all, freedom of movement has always been and still is a most welcome feature, and we only accept its absence for the sake of etiquette.

In 1983, the British took up the implementation of this basic idea and equipped their soldiers with a kind of pioneer of cargo trousers – but the idea of placing more than just a bag on the cargo trousers was not yet given to the developer at the time. In the US Army, the model was adapted to the needs of the paratroopers. Soon, the entire military overseas would be equipped with functional bags and pockets on their clothing.

The spread of the cargo trousers as work trousers was quickly accomplished and soon producers started developing models more suitable for civilian life. This garment was particularly well received in the field of sports and leisure time, but never without losing the charisma of its original purpose. However, the entry into the world of fashion itself came relatively late. It wasn’t until the 90s that it became kind of a cult for different movements: With their loose cuffs and the typical wide fit from this decade they stood for casual streetwear.

Cargo pants in present day

Cargo trousers and the style they represent are by no means considered to be an archived relic of past decades. In fact, the functionally developed appearance was bathed in a new life – with appropriate modifications through a tighter cut.

To be clear, they are not “tight”. Only the extremely wide style of the 80s looks like that- the cargo trousers are still comfortable and do not constrict oneself too much. However, it is currently rather straight-cut and not consciously “inflated” like the bat cuttings from yesteryear.

Color design and other details are also predominant in cargo trousers today. If you don’t have a retro-style original from the army, maybe you should follow today’s trendy models – a cargo trouser from the 80s for instance, won’t score so well, no matter how emotionally attached to it you are. On the other hand, “who dares, wins”. Some do dare and try out an old-school vibe, some of them even successfully. However, the views on this are divided. The currently rather carrot-shaped design embodies the zeitgeist and evokes rather hip associations.

The camouflage looks of Cargo pants

Wrapped in camouflage colors and patterns, this design is already considered “tradition” for cargo trousers. Even if you don’t necessarily participate in jungle camps, maybe you just need to help your friends move, this style is very good for you. No matter whether it’s a ballpoint pen, tape measure or personal paraphernalia: utensils that can be found at the thigh are always an added value. For those who like it, these army pants can be upgraded with many modern accessories for men, even less conventional ones such as bracelets and necklaces. Obviously, such garments are generally rare in men’s fashion. Maybe it’s the masculine emphasis that minimizes the risk of kitsch.

Cargo Pants and natural colors

Beige, khaki, olive green, all brown shades but also anthracite and black are the typical colors for cargo trousers. Bold colors such as red or blue would almost make the intended purpose trivial and give the appearance a totally different expression. Imprints are available in a wide variety and are purely a matter of taste. Cargo trousers and their label-free style also offer the opportunity to express your own messages.

Try out different combinations

Today, the range of possible uses and combinations is wider than at the turn of the millennium. On one hand, cargo trousers are by now a quite familiar look and have lost their potential for polarization. On the other hand, the tighter fit is also more presentable than before. The characteristics are determined by what you wear. From shoes to accessories, everything plays a role here.

They can only be outlined as examples and inspire your own ideas: Sneakers, for example, weaken impressions of rebellious ambitions and replace them with a sporty component. A white top, just as well.

Combat boots leave the original impression, emphasize the functional level, thus giving a harmonious overall impression of a different nature. Some recommend denim shirts – a great idea. Personally, I would rather combine sneakers or casual shoes in darker colors.

Anyone who loves a break in style and is confident while doing so, can venture into a completely different experiment. For instance, if you pick a tighter cut for your cargo pants: with neutral to elegant men’s shoes, shirt, and jacket, you will move relatively unnoticed. But, if you also wear a tie, you will come off as a bit more daring. In the right company, however, this can be quite positive and, in any case, testifies to a well-founded sense of fashion coupled with a healthy portion of courage. Jeans jacket would be ideal for this, but a cardigan or blouson are also very good choices. On sporty occasions you can just roll the legs up- immediately you’ll be shining in a different light.

In short, those who love the variety and are equipped with some imagination are well served with cargo trousers. Not only are they fashionable, they offer a type of functionality like no other!

Tall boyfriend jeans

Tall boyfriend jeans

Wear the right clothes for you!

Matching your silhouette with the right clothes can sometimes be a real problem, but if you learn how to choose the perfect pieces for your figure, you’ll see how smooth things will go from there on!

Regardless your silhouette, everybody has or should have a pair of boyfriend jeans in their wardrobe, but if you are petite or tall you must pay attention on what styles you’re choosing.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at tall boyfriend jeans because there are a lot of women out there who struggle with this issue: how to wear tall boyfriend jeans! There are a few rules you must take into consideration but nothing complicated.

Most tall women have long legs and some of them are happy with that achievement but others are not happy with their silhouette. For both categories, wearing tall boyfriend jeans will help them look amazing and adjust the outfits after the results they are looking for.

The main secret consists of trying to find a balance in your outfits, so it is really important what items you choose to put together. A pair of tall boyfriend jeans looks amazing next to a button-up shirt, but if you choose to tuck it into the jeans you’ll give more structure to your silhouette.

You can also choose to mark your waistline with a belt or with any other accessory which will draw all the attention to that area. If you are pretty tall, try to stick with plains and no printed items because they are more suitable for you.

The footwear also plays an important role in creating the perfect outfits with tall boyfriend jeans. To add some femininity to your looks, go for sandals with medium heels which will give you the perfect amount of sexiness. Stiletto heels will add some more centimeters to your height but if you choose some kitten heels, you should be just fine.

The most important thing when wearing tall boyfriend jeans is to find yourself in that outfit and to feel a connection with everything you’re wearing because this will weight more than any stylish piece or trend.

How to wear a tuxedo

How to wear a tuxedo

Are you the kind of guy that likes to have fun and feel comfortable? Well, if you are, than you probably have your closets full of jeans and T-shirts. But the truth is that you will have to attend some special events that require an elegant outfit. Tuxedos are pretty popular among men at formal events.

When choosing a tuxedo though, you have to make sure it is the best. You will not wear a tuxedo every day and a great tuxedo can be quite expensive. This is why if you cannot afford to buy one, you should try and rent one. Or, you can first buy the jacket and after a few months the pants.

How and where to wear a tuxedo?

Of course that the tuxedo is only appropriate for formal events. But, not all formal events are appropriate for tuxedos. The most common events that are appropriate for such an attire are the weddings.

You can wear a tuxedo at a wedding if it takes place in a very fancy restaurant, or if you are the best man. At all other weddings you can just choose an elegant suit. When at a formal event you have to wear a tuxedo it is generally written on the invitation.

Now, no matter the event you attend, the tuxedo must be worm with a white shirt. There are plenty of white shirts and it is important to know that you must choose one that has cufflinks.

The white shirts that have simple plastic buttons are not the right choice for a tuxedo. Also, the bow tie is the choice that you have to make and forget about the tie. The color of the bow tie is of course mandatory and it has to be black.

The shoes are just as important for the tuxedo. They have to be elegant and in an impeccable state.

You will be able to find plenty of amazing tuxedos on online stores, but before wearing it, make sure it has the perfect measures. If needed, search for the nearest seamstress and get it fixed.