Backless dress for prom

Backless dress for prom

Dresses are great especially in the summer. You will be able to find that there are plenty of stores that have a large array of great dresses. Of course that there are some types of dresses that are more popular than other. Generally, the trendiest dresses are also the most popular. It is very important to choose the right dress and not all the time the right dress is also the trendiest. The prom is an important event and this is why you have to make the right choice. And since backless dresses are so popular, let’s see if you can wear them at the prom.

Backless dresses are great, but how do we choose the perfect one, especially if we need one for the prom?

Proms are of course one of the most special occasions in everyone’s life. But, even if you will be able to have fun, you should know that there is a dress code involved. Backless dresses can be a choice, but only if they are decent. One rule is that in case you wear a backless dress, it should be long, not short.

So, how to make sure you look great in a backless dress? Well, first of all, you should have the right figure, but this is not always mandatory since you can find plenty of underwear that is able to modify or slightly modify your figure. The shoes also play a very important role and you will be able to change the way you loom by buying a very different pair of shoes. They are important because at the prom you should be feeling comfortable, since you will be dancing.

The fabric used to make the dress is also very important. When purchasing a prom dress, especially from an online store, you will not have the opportunity to see how the fabric looks like. But, you can always read the label. The color of the dress is of course very important too. And since is a festive occasion, you should chose a happy color, a bright one, depending on your skin tone, of course.

How to style a baby-doll dress

How to style a baby-doll dress

From the bedroom straight to high street!

This year the baby-doll dress is one again in the spotlight.  We are not wondering why, as long as this type of dress is is highty inspired by the bay-doll nightgowns.

The babydoll dress is feminine, flirty and ideal for hot summer days. It is just the perfect item which highlights beautifully the feminine body. It usually skims gracefully over curves and can accentuate your best assets such as beautiful breasts or a gorgeous pair of legs.

Whether you choose to wear a baby-doll dress for a relaxed day during a shopping session with your best friends, or for a special evening, you must know how to style this dress to look your best!

First of all, you should know to choose the proper length. Usually, just a few inches above the knee is the best length. However, if you are petite, you can wear it a bit shorter. Also, keep in mind that if you are petite printed patterns will not look so good on you. Let them for girls that are taller, and opt for a monochrome baby-doll dress.

A baby-doll dress always looks good with a pair of heels. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for stilettos, kitten heels, even wedges. You can also choose to wear the baby-doll dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots.

Prepare to look boho and chic! For a cool summer vibe, you can go for a white baby-doll dress and style it with a head scarf or a turban. Just make sure you will choose a colorful one and that you will complete your outfit with some colorful accessories, too, for a pop of color.

During weekend, you can opt for a strapless baby-doll dress in a summery color: mint, lemon, pale pink. Just throw on a chic summer hat and a pair of flats in a nude color to instantly give to your dress a more relaxed vibe.

To look stunning while wearing this style, make sure you choose the right length, match it with high heels, and get proper support from your undergarments.

As the years passed by, the baby-doll dress has made a jump from the bedroom to the high street. Celebrities, female bloggers, trendsetters, women of all shapes and sizes enjoy wearing this seductive, but playful style!

It’s so easy to style this dress, you will want to have one immediately in your closet!

How to wear a cut-out dress

How to wear a cut-out dress

One of the biggest summer trends this year are cut-out dresses. You’ve surely noticed that the shops are completely full of them, plus, one of the best red carpet moments were with these stunning pieces.

A cut out dress will give you a sexy vibe and it exposes your skin in a really strategic way, so will not make you feel uncomfortable. Actually, a cut-out dress can be super fun and flirty without being vulgar, if worn in the right way and for appropriate occasions.

Take a peak at our essential tips and find out how to wear a cut out dress.

  • First of all, you should go for only one area to expose. Other way, exposing too much skin, can give the impression that you are trying too hard to show off your body and this could bring you on the verge of vulgarity.
  • Always choose the area you are really proud of: the back, the sides or the midriff. Never all of them!
  • Pay attention to the proportions. If the dress is short and has a really low neckline you should go for small cut-outs, other way the dress would better be covered in a sheer material or lace.
  • Every occasion has its own dress! A dress, even it presents really small cuts it will never be appropriate for a wedding, a formal ceremony or for your office look. Instead, you can wear the cut-out trend for a hot date, a drink with friends or in the club. Neither too dressy or casual, cut-out dress is also the ideal choice for a Sunday brunch with family.
  • Because we are in the middle of summer, go for bright colors! Even though black is always safe and elegant, and the perfect option for everyone, if you are feeling a little bit more confident, if you have a nonconformist personality you should go for neon colors. Plus, these colors can highlight beautifully your tanned skin.

Always keep in mind: the key to styling a cut-out dress is to keep it simple – you want the dress to do the talking!

What to wear with a mini dress

What to wear with a mini dress

The must-have dress of summer

Wearing a mini dress is a fun and stylish trend that more and more woman are choosing to indulge in. It doesn’t matter if you are petite, tall, skinny or if you have a few extra pounds, the mini dress will offer you a perfect look.

Dressing up on busy mornings can be a real adventure. That’s why if you want to be both stylish and comfortable you should choose to wear a mini dress. Anyway, for a flawless appearance you should know how to style your mini dress.

Wondering what to wear with a mini dress? Here are our suggestions:

For a Sunday brunch you can wear your mini dress with a pair of flat sandals or ballet flats and a cute boxy clutch. Accessorize your dress with some gold pieces and don’t forget to wear a colorful lipstick. This look is also ideal if you are going to have a drink in town with your friends.

For another daytime appropriate look, you can opt for a floral printed mini dress and style it with a pair of flat gladiator sandals in brown. Complete the look with a classic handbag in the same color as sandals, a teardrop necklace and some cute bangles.

A nude mini dress can be the central piece of a sporty look. Spice up the look with a pair of sneakers with lace details and a white zip envelope clutch. Grab your hair into a cute ponytail and opt for a natural make-up. Add some golden bracelets to complete the look and you’re ready to go!

For a chic night out look opt for a fitted nude dress. Try a vintage inspired look and add a pair of round or cat-eye sunglasses, matching stilettos and a nice handbag. Style the entire ensemble with a pair or simple Swarovski earrings and then you’re good to go!

Because it’s summer and the festivals are in full swing match your mini dress with a colorful kimono suede boots and some long necklaces. Just great!

Mini dresses will always be eye-catching clothing items! They are an absolute hit on the runway and on the streets alike.

The good news: they can instantly transform you into a doll or a sexy diva within minutes!

How to accessorize one shoulder dress

How to accessorize one shoulder dress

The most sensual way to show off your shoulders this season

One shoulder dresses have been very popular lately. We spotted them to many of our favorite bloggers and we can say that it’s a pity to not have a dress like this in our closet. It’s just the perfect item for the moments when we are eager to have a more feminine and sexy look.

Usually, one shoulder dress is the chosen item especially for proms or weddings.

Yet, despite the beauty of this dress style, it is hard to accessorize! That’s why before thinking about wearing a dress like this during summer there are a few things to keep in mind about accessorizing and styling it in order to pull it off glamorously.

How to accessorize one shoulder dress:

  • Don’t wear a necklace with one shoulder dress! Why? Because the neckline of the dress rises higher on the sleeve side of the dress and it makes it difficult to select a necklace that lays properly without getting lost in the dress fabric.
  • Instead, you can make a statement with earrings. Dangly earrings can be a really attractive choice with one shoulder dress. You can also choose to wear rings and bracelets, but don’t go too far! One elegant bracelet will be more than enough! For a super glamorous look you can try to style the dress with an arm cuff.
  • The best bag type for this dress is certainly a clutch, because any other bag that presents a shoulder strap can interrupt the long lines and beautiful cut of the dress. Plus, a clutch, will be just perfect to carry your essentials and will not distract from the rest of the outfit.
  • When wearing an one shoulder dress you should have a flawless hairstyle. Opt for a tight chignon for a sophisticated look or for a soft bun for a sweeter look. Don’t keep your hair down because it will hide your shoulder.

Do you like one-shoulder dresses? What sort of accessories are you planning to wear with this dress?

Casual maxi dresses

Casual maxi dresses

Daytime cute outfits for summer

Many women think that maxi dresses are only for formal and sophisticated events, but current trends made it possible to wear maxi dresses in a relaxed way.

Maxi dresses represent a go-to summer uniform for many women. And the possibilities are endless! With the right accessories you can bring your casual outfit with maxi dress from drab to fab.

Wondering how to look good while flaunting a long dress? Here are some ideas:

First of all, look after a dress that doesn’t look too ceremonial. For example choose a splitted maxi dress with a floral print for a boho vibe, opt for a maxi shirt dress for a touch of masculinity and choose a white dress for an innocent, feminine look. Also keep in mind that your body dictates what would be best for you!

Depending on the style of your dress you can choose to match your look with a top. You can opt for a denim jacket, a cardigan or a sleeveless jacket for those chilly summer days.

What shoes require casual maxi dresses?

The best shoes for a casual maxi dress are those that don’t cover the top of your heel. You can opt for a pair of flat sandals or  for some ballet flats with open toe for casual maxi dress with a sporty vibe. Even though maxi dresses don’t usually pair with sporty shoes, some type of sneakers can be a great combination.

Also, even if you think that in a maxi dress your feet won’t show, don’t forget that when you sit, the shoes will be in the spotlight. So always go for embellished sandals that will add a fun, summery vibe to your look.

Accessories for casual maxi dress

Just a few accessories can instantly transform your casual dress from simple to stunning. Opt for modern jewelry and make sure that the accessories will be in line with the style of your dress. You can choose to wear: chic sunglasses, sunhats, wooden bracelets, long necklaces, cute armlets even a flower crown in your hair.

Not sure where to start with a casual maxi dress? Try a pretty floral print in a lightweight fabric for a breezy look and style the dress with some embellished sandals and a cute hat! You’re perfect to set!

Style suggestions for your evening dress

Style suggestions for your evening dress

How to pick the right accessories for an evening dress

Confidence and the right attitude are the two things you need for an impeccable evening appearance. The right dress will make you immediately the center of attention. But before that, you should know that there are some style rules that must be followed, in order to look amazing.

Here are some style suggestions for your evening dress.

If you are going to wear a red dress, keep in mind to choose a red that complements your skin tone – from reds with under-shades of blue to bright orange reds. The red evening dress doesn’t need any accessorizing as such, as it is already very high on the sexy quotient. To make it look elegant and chic wear very delicate gold or silver jewelry and remember to not over-do it with wearing all the jewelry together. Choose silver or nude shades in sandals and a matching clutch.

A black dress is very versatile, elegant and charming and can be paired with specific types of accessories to achieve certain desired looks. For an evening look wear simple diamond earrings and eventually, a necklace with a diamond pendant. This look is perfect for a cocktail party. You can also opt for a total black look: black dress combined with black accessories and shoes. But to carry off such look, make sure your accessories and outfit are stylish and daring.

Lately, nude-colored dresses have became truly staples in the wardrobes of fashion-minded women all over the world. Yet, despite their popularity, nude dresses can be a challenge to wear. Pairing your nude dress with light-colored accessories is a great way to create a feminine look. Instead, if you are wearing an evening nude dress with feminine details like ruffles, choose edgier accessories in leather or metal accents. This can help balance a look that might otherwise read as overly sweet. Also, you can pair a nude dress with brighter-colored accessories like red, green, blue to make your look pop up and give it a modern edge.

These are the three most popular evening dresses and how to style them. When styling your evening dress keep in mind that always less is more.

Keep it simple!

Summer outfit ideas with skirts

Summer outfit ideas with skirts

Fresh ways to wear a summer skirt

One of the most crucial pieces in every woman’s summer wardrobe is the skirt. Not only will keep you cool on the hottest days, but the right style just has that way of instantly elevating any ensemble.

There is something about skirts and summer that tells you that this is a match made in heaven.

Wondering how to wear your favorite skirt this season? Here are some outfit ideas with summer skirts:

Last summer, midi skirts were extremely popular and this summer they’ve proven to be just as popular. Bloggers and trendsetters inspired us with the loveliest combos.

Choose a midi pleated skirt in a warm color like beige or peach, and keep the outfit simple with a tank and heeled sandals. You can’t go wrong with this look!

You can also opt for a midi skirt with pockets.  The midi skirt should be flattering on everyone, but styling details often get in the way of nailing the trend. The right shoe can make your outfit! We strongly recommend sporting a heel with interesting details.

Mini skirts are also huge this summer, and if you have beautiful legs, then a mini skirt is the easiest way to show off your sexy silhouette. You just have to choose the right fit: a classic A-line skirt, bodycon style, jeans style, pleated style and many others. Also, you should know that dark hues are better for a professional look, while the bright ones are more party appropriate. Go for a sporty vibe by pairing a mini skirt with a graphic tee and some metallic shoes.

We are so lucky that as women we have so many options when it comes to style! Any woman, no matter what shape and size can wear a maxi skirt and look good. Maxi skirts are a wardrobe staple for most of us during summer and what’s great about them: they are easy to style with anything and incredibly comfy. Wear them with sneakers for a casual look or with a pair of minimalist sandals for a night out look. The possibilities are endless.

There are so many outfits you can create with a skirt this summer! You just have to find the style that suits you best and rock it!

Aviator sunglasses – history, style and models

Aviator sunglasses – history, style and models

What are aviator sunglasses ?

Aviator sunglasses are a type of sunglasses used to protect the eyes against the sun rays. It’s simple, that’s they’re job.

However, the material and the style make the difference from other sunglasses around the world.

They also have an interesting history, that we’re going to talk about in the next chapter.

History of the aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have been developed by the Rochester based medical instruments company Bausch & Lomb around 1936.

They mostly have dark reflective lenses with tow ore three times the area of the eyeball and flexible cable temples that hook behind the ears.

The original aviator sunglasses have tempered glass lenses that let only 15 % of the incoming light letting through.

They were popularized by the American Forces that went on the World War 2, since Bausch & Lomb created these sunglasses for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, hence the name.

Maybe the most popular man wearing them was General MacArthur. The American general had a signature look with ornate hat, corncob pipe and of course, his signature sunglasses, with photographers insisting on this look to create the impression of a strong man.

Over the time they were trademarked as “Ray Bans” and had some changes over the years, especially in the 50’s and 70’s, with colored frames.

During the 70’s, Elvis Presley was the one who made the aviator sunglasses as cultural style item to wear.

Aviator sunglasses, today

Today, you can find a lot varieties of sunglasses in aviator style, with the most popular brand being the Ray Bans, being made to be similar to the original model.

However, there are other models of sunglasses that you can buy in the aviator style.

Some of the most popular brands of aviator sunglasses are Guess, Dolce & Gabbana, Oakley, ZEROuv, Marc Jacobs or Polaroid.

If originally they were only made for men, since the 70’s, there are a lot of variation of sunglasses in style, made from different types of material (plastic, metal, silver, gold or even copper).

One thing that hasn’t changed during there years is the aviator style, the rounded frame. Some of the lenses have changed a bit, mostly to accommodate the colors that they’ve added.

Personally, I have a blue aviator sunglasses pair that I love, cause it stops a lot of the light and give me a blue atmosphere. So I can feel blue, da ba de da ba da….

Aviator Sunglasses
Aviator Sunglasses pairs

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How to Find Affordable Leather Belts

How to Find Affordable Leather Belts

Good Quality Belts at Good Prices

Have you ever seen super expensive belts and wondered why they cost so much? After all, why would you want to spend a fortune on an accessory when you can also find affordable prices if you know where to look? We all knew that the quality of leather materials varies, but it’s important to know also the reasons behind their prices.

Different Types of Natural Leather

Belts usually have different prices because they are made from various materials. This also means they have different qualitative features. There are many types of leather, but we will list the most popular ones.

Synthetic Leather

This material is exactly how it sounds like: fake leather or ecologic leather. These types of belts are very cheap and usually created with different fibers and polymers so they have the appearance of leather. However, we don’t recommend you to buy fake leather belts because they will not last very long.

Genuine Leather

These types of belts are made from inferior leather, which includes 100% real leather but also leftovers leather scraps. This inferior leather belts can be found at an affordable price, making them qualitative but also much cheaper than full-grain real leather belts.

Full-Grain Leather

This qualitative leather is made from animal skin such as python, crocodile or ostrich. This is straight leather without leftovers scraps on the inside of the material. In terms of durability, lifespan, strength and flexibility, this leather is the best. Although it can have an expensive price, you can be lucky and look for full-grain leather belts on sales and promotions. Then you can find stylish leather belts at very good prices.

After you have learned how to find affordable leather belts, you need to know to select the belt based on your personal style. If you don’t wear a belt so often you can look for a genuine leather belt, but if you wear a belt everyday you should opt for a full-grain leather belt.

But in the end, the final choice of buying a belt is up to you. However, we believe you can find a good quality belt at affordable prices if you look for sales, discounts and promotions.

Slip Dress with Jean Jacket

Slip Dress with Jean Jacket

90s Trends

Lately, we’ve been noticing that slip dresses are basically everywhere and we’ve been falling in love with them. Right now, the ‘90s are having a huge comeback, and because we like this trend so much, today we will talk about the combination: slip dress with jean jacket.

The slip dress is sleek, elegant and minimal, and you can wear it in many different ways. You can have an urban look by adding grunge elements such as rock boots, jeans jacket and mirrored sunglasses. This is actually the perfect way to add a fresh vibe to a sophisticated slip dress.

For chilly days a jeans jacket can be the best option for your slip dress. It is very easy to tie around the waist or to simply wear it when it gets chilly outside. Other things that can go well with the slip dress could be a funky bag, statement necklace, cardigan, choker or an interesting belt. We suggest that you always add something to the slip dress so it will give a little dimension, form or color.

Don’t forget about the shoes. We recommend being mindful of the heel height. If you opt for a midi length dress, the cut will tend to make you look shorter. Just style the dress with a pair of stiletto heels that will make you look slimmer and taller. Of course, if you are a tall woman you can wear it also with flats, but if you would like to elongate your figure, just opt for heeled strappy sandals.

The 90s inspired dress is a great way to add some femininity to any summer outfit. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. For a brunch with friends, you can opt for the combination slip dress with jean jacket. Cropped denim jackets are super hot right now and by wearing them with slip dresses is a great way to have creative outfits.

As glamorous and fancy as they are, slip dresses look almost exactly like a piece of lingerie, which is why most of the women tend to avoid wearing them. But they are ideal for summer days and if you know how to combine them with various elements, you will look simply stunning.


The stage of the works at DN 76 and when the Beius – Ştei ringroad will be ready

Concerned about the fate of DN 76 road, PSD parlament member Gheorghe Bogdan met with representatives from the management of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration and the Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges Cluj Napoca on Wednesday 19 July.

At the request of the parlament member Gheorghe Bogdan and the mayor of Dragneşti village, Ovidiu Banda, the specialists from the road company analyzed the possibility of extending the rehabilitation works of DN76 to the first house from the main entrance to the commune, a proposal that would actually mean a reduction of 10-15 m of the respective section, without affecting the properties or the public works on that part.

Status of work on DN76

  • The Oradea section – Bitii Hill was divided into three lots. At the beginning of next week, an auction for the first 15 km of the route will appear in the electronic procurement system. Thus, on the Oradea – Băile Felix route will be made bridges, bridges, gutters, supporting walls and a new layer of wear will be laid.
  • On the section of Ştei – Bîţul Hill, the works consisting of bridges, concrete floors, concrete gutters and casting of a new layer of wear above the existing one are to be completed this year.
  • On the Seti – Peaks section, with a length of 33.31 km, the works will continue this year, and they are expected to be completed in November.

As for road works on DN76 in the municipality of Beiuş, which are not subject to the rehabilitation project, they will be resumed next week from the CNAIR funds.

The works will begin next week with laying a fresh level of asphalt from the entrance of Beiuş from Drăgăneşti to the exit to Pocola, taking into account the arrangement of the two roundabouts in the city: from the intersection with Stâna de Vale, respectively from the center line, in the immediate vicinity of the Orthodox Church.

Beiuş-Ştei round-around will be ready in 2019

Although the execution contract for Beiuş-Finis-Tarcaia-Drăgăneşti-Rieni-Ştei-Lunca bypass variant was signed on October 5, 2016, the works have not yet begun.

According to the parlament member, “in the immediate period will be given the start order of the works for the detour variant project”. The bypass road has a length of 27.23 km and the works will be executed by Copisa Constructora Pirenaica S.A.

At the same time, Gheorghe Bogdan also states that “the works at Beiuş-Ştei belt benefit from government funds and can be started in good conditions this year. The deadline for completion was estimated for 2019 “.

The value of the works amounts to 257.41 million lei without VAT.