How to wear summer dress

How to wear summer dress

Stylish summer dresses and ways to wear them

Summer is just around the corner- the perfect moment to start refreshing your stylish wardrobe. For those warm days when you just can’t deal, the perfect solution is to keep it simple with dresses that are anything but basic.

Check out our selection with dresses that are just great for summer season and learn how to wear them!

  1. The floral dress

Dresses that feature flowers and varied botanical patterns are often our summer staples. Flower patterns are hectic and full of rainbow colors, they are vast and indefinite. It is essential to choose a print that is flattering and complimentary to your body. Usually, floral dresses that have an all-over floral motif should be toned down and paired with neutral or nude colors. These colors will ensure the floral print is balanced and in harmony with your style.

  1. Pastel dress

Whether you’re hitting the city streets or the countryside a pale pink or a sorbet-hued gauzy dress should be your summer fling. Right now almost all dresses are popping up in pastels, and whether you love the classy style or you live on the edge, there are so many ways to incorporate a pastel dress into your summer wardrobe. Start with sweet accessories. To avoid looking too ladylike try to balance your outfit with some edgy leather items.

  1. White summer dress

If the timeless LBD is the staple of colder months of the year, it’s the LWD- little white dress- that’s the must-have during the summer. Doesn’t matter if you’re zipping around town on a Sunday morning in a pair of cool sneakers and your little white dress or if you’re going to a killer cocktail party and you pair your little white dress with some gorgeous heels and a statement necklace –  you’d be hard-pressed to name an occasion that this summer MVP doesn’t work for.

  1. Slip dress

The slip dress is a big trend this season. It is slinky, sexy and reminiscent of ‘90s fashion. Because a slip dress tends to look almost exactly like a piece of lingerie, many women are afraid to wear it, but can be just the perfect clothing piece for summer days. Keep it simple! Adding accessories like flat sandals and a floppy hat keep the dress casual and effortless, and ready for anything.

There are many ways about how to wear a summer dress. You just have to find the one that suits you best and rock the dress for you!

Wear Cufflinks like Dr. Who

Wear Cufflinks like Dr. Who

When we speak about fashion and style we think about women most of the times. But, the truth is that men also like to be stylish and there are plenty of clothing items and accessories. Cufflinks were used by men until buttons become more and more practical. But, there are still some men who prefer cufflinks. You won’t be able to find great cufflinks in every store, but if you search enough you will find the right cufflinks. There are such accessories appropriate for the day and some appropriate for formal events.

How to choose the right pair of cufflinks?

If you are wondering what are cufflinks you should know that they are used for the men’s shirts. They are made from different materials but of course that the best ones are made from precious metals. The cufflinks are great because they are the perfect gift. It is true that the buttons are more comfortable and more practical, but on the same time the cufflinks are more fashionable and of course elegant.

If you want to buy a pair of cufflinks for yourself you should know that there are a few aspects to take into account. First of all, think where you will wear them and the how to use cufflinks. If you want to wear them at the office, you should choose a classical design. If you want to wear cufflinks at an elegant party, than you can choose something more elegant.

There is a problem with the cufflinks bought for someone else. Then you should first of all think if that person likes to wear cufflinks. Of course that the cufflinks that are made from a precious material are also valuable, but such accessories are made to be worn. So, a classical design is the best choice if you are not sure what to buy.

Now, when buying a pair of cufflinks you should also ask for a certificate of guarantee. Well, the stores that sell great quality, original products will be able to provide you the certificate. Make sure you buy an elegant pair of cufflinks and you will surely enjoy them, but do not forget that you need a special shirt.

Commmorative silver coin launched by Romanian National Bank

BNR (Romanian National Bank) launched on Monday a new commemorative coin to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Romanian Independence day.

The coin has the nominal value of 10 lei, it’s made from silver and weighs in 31 grams, with a 37 mm diameter, edged rim. A number of 200 coins were made.

On the front we have an image from 1877 with the Romanian troops victoriously marching after the Independence War, with arc inscription reading: “Romania”, the nominal value of 10 lei, Romanian coat of arms and emission year: 2017.

On the back we have the portrait of Carol The First, the Romanian King in that period, and the circle inscription reading: 140 years from the state independence proclamation” and “Carol I”.

Don’t get your hopes up though, since the coins are almost all sold by now to collectors in Romania.

Moving all the things from your apartment

Moving all the things from your apartment

My apartment proved to be quite a small place for what I wanted to live. I always thought that one room, a bathroom and a kitchen are more then enough for a guy that lives alone. That’s indeed quite ok, if you have a job that doesn’t keep you at home a lot.

But for me, driving about in a lot of places and carrying back a lot of stuff, that wasn’t enough. So I had to move all my things from the current 1 room apartment in which I live to another 2 room apartment, located around 4 km away.

Moment in which I realized that I have way to many things in the apartment to move in one go. Or two rounds. I needed some help carrying all the stuff.

Usually, I would get a friend or two to help me out, but “surprisingly” nobody was keen to help. Yea, not surprising at all. So I got to the second solution. Renting a small trailer in which I could fit all the things from the house.

I was in luck, since three months ago I added a towbar to my car on my local towbar shop, and now it proves to be quite efficient.

I just rented a small trailer, crammed all the things in it, attached it to my car’s towbar and I was ready to go.

There was a small problem though: I have never driven a car with a trailer behind. And it was quite tricky in the crammed streets in my new neighborhood. Luckily, some helpful people were at hand.

It only took 5 minutes to properly add the trailer near the building and start the relocation process. And I was on the clock, since the trailer was renter per hour.

It was quite a busy day, but after a lot of work, I can say to you that the new apartment is way spacious that last one.

So, if you have a lot of space to move about (and time), a trailer + a tow bar on your car could be the answer. That’s if of course, you only have 500 kg to transport, because if you have, you’ll need a van to do the proper work.

Extreme travel: train & mountain climbing

Extreme travel: train & mountain climbing

Whilst most of the people tend to just travel some km a day, I am a man who eats kilometers on a bread. I do so many km that sometimes I wonder if I drive more than I sleep in a week.

And no, I’ve already the calculations, I usually drive around 35 hours (actual driving) a week, less than 5 nights of normal sleep for some people (for me however, more like 5 night and a half).

But I didn’t always drove cars. I only have my licence since 2012, and until then, my favorite travel method was the train. However, here in Romania, trains won’t really cover all the routes.

However, it was a time when I walked and cycled a lot. More than I would actually like. Because of necessity.

That’s why the next story it’s interesting. Because I was young and had energy, I decided to travel around 500 km on a train. And another 10-12 km on foot, uphill, just to have fun.

How it all began ?

After a bad month of October in Timisoara, I’ve decided that I need some air. Somewhere far apart. Like on the other side of the country. It was the middle of October, and the weather was quite nice actually in Timisoara.

But far away, in Busteni, where I wanted to go, the weather didn’t look that well. But in that period, I didn’t really checked the weather on the internet. I’ve just got a ticket on the Timisoara – Bucharest train and headed to Bucharest. A 12 hour ride awaited me.

I did however got myself some good gear in my big backpack. First, for entertainment, I got my laptop backpack (with my laptop in it), for 2 hours of things to do. It would prove to be quite a weight during the mountain climb.

Also, I got some exchange clothes, which prove to be quite helpful. And some hiking boots, borrowed from my father. It was a period in which I couldn’t really afford a lot of stuff.

The train ride

I waited for the train get into the station. It was 6:30 in the morning, and it was quite chilly. Not below freezing, but somewhere around 5 Celsius. Got my ticket and boarded the train for a long ride.

I hoped that in this train I would get a plug to charge my laptop, but I wasn’t in such a luck. However, I was prepared for such an eventuality and brought along some extra gigs to do.

Some Sudoku, some crosswords, just something to do until the trip was over. I was lucky to find some great people to hang on with, and that helped me pass the time easier. But it was still a 12 hour ride, because the train had one hour delay when I reached Busteni, near the 7 PM mark.

The mountain climb in Busteni

When I arrived in Busteni, I was already tired, after this long ride. And during the day, it was quite hot. So I wasn’t quite in the best shape when I started climbing.

The darkness already felt near the mountain and it started to rain. Lightly. But it was rain. Luckily, I did had something to cover my head from the rain.

Unfortunately, the climb was quite a difficult one on the third part of it, when some of the climbs were almost vertical. We also had some chain climbing and some stone walls to go over. Quite a challenge in that weather, since it started snowing when we reached the 2000 meters mark.

But after four hours of climbing, we’ve finally reached the cabin and got some rest.

What can you do on a mountain plateau ?

I’ve woke up in the morning to find out that I can’t really talk. Cause the rain and tiredness had taken their toll. So while most of the other people left for Omu pike, I went for a short ride across the mountain towards some lakes. It wasn’t as interesting as an Omu ride would have been, but I am glad that I haven’t stayed in bad all day. Cause I put my muscles in motion and recovered quickly.

After a while, we’ve decided to go down the mountain. And so we did. And it was some of the great descents. The same route, only on the downhill, took us somewhere around 2 hours to go and it was quite fun, when we could have seen all the forest.

It was a fun trip and it’s going to be hard to forget. But in the end, we got back in the Valley and got in the train to Bucharest and from there on, back home to Timisoara.

I spent three days on the road, 24 hours on a train and 10 hours going up and down the mountain. That’s what I would call extreme for me.

What’s your upper limit with such a trip ?

Summer outfit for mountain climbing

Summer outfit for mountain climbing

Plenty of people love summer. Well, it is true that the temperatures are quite high, but no matter how much you love winter, you will find something fun to do in the summer. Many people love mountain climbing. It is true that this is a fun activity, but on the same time it is a pretty difficult one. Now, we all think a beautiful dress when we think about the summer, but when mountain climbing you will need the appropriate equipment. You have to wear boots and pants, but you can wear a nice top.

How to choose the right outfit for mountain climbing

Since it is a pretty difficult activity, you should know that you will need some training. But, if you want to practice this activity, you will need some clothes to wear in the summer that are also practical. Wearing boots in the summer is not the most natural thing, but if you want to climb a mountain you will need it.

There are plenty of stores that sell great boots. Wearing boots in the summer can be quite uncomfortable, unless you choose the right pair and the right pair is always made from leather. But, have in mind that not any pair of boots will do it, you need a special one. There are many stores that sell such products. Luckily, even if you are a busy person, you will find online stores.

If you want to buy clothes to wear in the summer you need to take into account a few things. Climbing a mountain requires an effort, so that you will need clothes made from natural fabric. You will be able to read the label before purchasing, so that you will always wear the right clothes.

Mountain climbing is a great activity. If you don’t like hot weather, then it is the perfect activity for you, because in these areas the temperatures are always great. So, try to plan such an activity and make sure you buy the appropriate clothes in order to enjoy it. You still have plenty of time to plan such an activity and buy everything you need.


How to choose perfect jewelry for red dress

How to choose perfect jewelry for red dress

Who does not love a red dress? Well, the truth is that red dresses are great because of their versatility. Moreover, no matter that it is winter or fall you will be able to feel energetic if you wear a red dress. There are many options when it comes to red dresses, since they are perfect for both day and evening. But, how do we accessorize a red dress. The jewelry for red dress must be chosen very carefully and taking into account that no woman wearing such a dress will go unnoticed.

How to choose the right jewelry for red dress?

So, first of all, we must take into account where you will be wearing the dress. So, at the office, you can wear a red dress as long as the shade is not too bright. In this case, you should wear small earrings or a small bracelet. At the office you must look professional and even if you can be stylish, this is not the most important thing.

Then, you can wear a red dress on vacation. Well, here you can play a little bit with some accessories. A statement necklace or some bracelets would be perfect. But, take into account the fact that vacation is all about fun, so that you should be able to feel comfortable.

Now, there are many women who are wondering how to wear gold jewelry? Can you wear it with a red dress. Well, yes, you can. But, you should do it on an evening event. Such a combination will surely be noticed and it is also elegant. This is why it is perfect for the evening, but not so great during the day, especially at the office.

So, if you want to choose a versatile dress, one of a red color is perfect. But, there is a time and a place for everything. And if you are wondering how to wear gold jewelry, you should know that the combination with a red dress is perfect. And now, enjoy your shopping spree, whether is online or not!

How to wear peasant blouse

How to wear peasant blouse

There are many fashionable clothing items. When choosing what to wear you must take into account the trends, but this does not mean that you have to be their prisoner. So, the peasant blouse is quite fashionable right now and you will be able to find many great such products in the stores. Well, a peasant blouse is a great idea, but in order to be able to create an amazing outfit, you should know where and when to wear it. There are also some rules that you have to take into account when buying a peasant blouse.

What should you know when buying a peasant blouse?

So, this kind of clothing item was very much worn because it is very comfortable. Peasant women enjoy this great clothing item because it allowed them to work the fields and take care of other home activities. But, even they had a few special spring blouses for the holidays. They were carefully embroidered and only worn on holidays.

Nowadays, women all over the world began to think about how great these clothing items are. In order to enjoy such an item you should know a few things. And we will start by saying that even if there are many stores that sell peasant blouses, not all of them put price on the quality. Luckily, a poor quality peasant blouse can be spotted even in online stores. It is very important to choose the right kind of blouse, because you will be able to keep it as a souvenir.

There are modern reinterpretations of this clothing item and they are great, but you can find peasant blouses made taking into account only the old techniques. No matter what you decide to buy, remember, the skirt you wear is also very important. The color of the embroidery is very important and it should match the skirt. But, this does not mean that these two colors must be the same. At the office, a peasant blouse is not quite appropriate, unless, there is a special occasion, but on your spare time, you can wear a peasant blouse pretty much anywhere.

Different designs for nails

Different designs for nails

Every woman knows that the way nails look is very important. The nails are not only important for women who work in offices, but for all the women. Having a perfect manicure is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but also for the health of the nails. In order for them to get stronger they must be taken care of. There are many ideas for everyone who wants to try a new gel nail design, but there are a few important aspects that every woman should take into account before trying something new.

How to decide on which acrylic nail design or gel nail design to choose?

Well, it depends on the shape and size of the nails. So, if you are one of those lucky women who has wonderful nails, you can choose pretty much anything you want. But, make sure you choose something that make you and the others feel comfortable with. For example, especially if you work in an office or you work in public relations, you should avoid accessories. Or at least the ones that are very bright colored or attract attention.

Women who have great nails can choose all sorts of colors, including dark ones, but if you have small nails, than the acrylic nail design that you choose must be more classical. You don’t have to choose nude, but you can choose pastel colors.

No matter what kind of nail design you choose, make sure the person who applies it is a professional. Surely you can do it at home, but it is way easier to go to a nail salon. Another important aspect no matter what is the health of the nails. Just like the skin, the nails must be nurtured and taken care. There are special oils or hand creams that you can use.

There are a few basing things that are expected of a stylish woman, and one of those things is manicure. Well, there are many options, but there is a time and a place for everything. At the office you have to look professional so don’t try bold combination, stick to the classics.

Polution treat in Apuseni mountains: Sterile material spilled into Aries River

Polution treat in Apuseni mountains: Sterile material spilled into Aries River

High treat level of pollution in Aries River, in the Apuseni mountains. A dig that mantained a sterile pond on Sesii Valey had failed, and all the toxic substances went into the river.

The pond belongs to Cupru Min Abrud company and the sterile material comes from the copper mine at Rosia Poieni.

A number of specialists teams from Health Guard, ISU and Romanian Waters have come to the site to asses how bad are the pollution effects.

According to the evaluations made by Ministry of Environment, for protecting the decantation pond, the firm needs to invest somewhere around 15 millions of euro.

Choosing an efficient backpack for your trips

Choosing an efficient backpack for your trips

Trips can be great. But, in order to truly enjoy a trip you have to pack some goods. There are many ways you can pack everything you need for a trip, but a backpack is probably one of the best ideas. In order to pack a backpack you have first to choose it. There are plenty of stores that sell all sorts of backpacks and it is very important to choose the right one. if you are an avid traveler, you need to buy something of an amazing quality. Luckily, even if you are on a tight budget you can still find amazing offers, since there are so many stores.

How to choose the best backpack for your trip

Well, probably the simplest method is to choose one from a well-known brand. But, what if you find some backpack that you like but you are unsure of its quality? Well, if it is made from leather chances are is a great choice. Fashion backpack brands can be trusted and sometimes you can even find products on sale.

But, stylish backpack brands don’t create only products for trips. Nowadays, backpacks can be worn in lieu of a bag. If you like a casual style then backpacks are great for you. You can find them in different colors and sizes so that there will be no problem, no matter what you like and need. If you want to choose the best backpack for you, take into account all the things you need to carry.

In order to keep a backpack as new, you may want to know how to wash a backpack. Well, there is no simple rule, but all the products have a label that tells you how to proceed. It is very important to wash every single backpack according to the instructions because this way you will be able to wear it for a longer period of time. Backpacks are great, because they are versatile and stylish. So, you must have at least one in your wardrobe. Luckily, you have plenty of choices.

Choosing the prom costume

Choosing the prom costume

A prom outfit is just as important for men as it is for women. Luckily, there are plenty of choices for both. Of course that the dresses can be more diverse and that you can sometimes find it hard to choose the right one. For men, the prom attire cannot vary so much, but this does not mean that it is easier to choose an outfit. There are plenty of stores great for men prom outfit and some of them are online. online stores are great because they offer many great products, they don’t have a fixed schedule and of course that they will deliver all your products at your home or at your office.

How to find the right homecoming attire and a great prom outfit if you will attend with your partner

Well, if you go somewhere with your partner, many people say you must have matching outfits. But, matching outfits do not necessary mean only the same color. You can choose an accessory to match or the texture of the fabric used for the outfit.

When buying the necessary products for a prom or for homecoming, you can shop together. In order to spend as less time as possible of course that the online stores are the best. No matter what store you choose, make sure that it provides not only great products but also great services. You may want to return the products or even modify them.

No matter what clothing items you both choose it is very important that they make both of you feel comfortable. Shoes are just as important in a men prom outfit as they are in a woman’s outfit. They should be comfortable. If they are new, a great idea is to wear them around the house. This way, you both will be able to dance all night long.

Choosing an outfit for prom or for homecoming can be a challenge, but when you have to match it with your partner’s is a double challenge. So, start the search for a homecoming attire a few weeks in advance and  you will be able to enjoy the whole event without being too tired from all the shopping.