Slip Dress with Jean Jacket

Slip Dress with Jean Jacket

90s Trends

Lately, we’ve been noticing that slip dresses are basically everywhere and we’ve been falling in love with them. Right now, the ‘90s are having a huge comeback, and because we like this trend so much, today we will talk about the combination: slip dress with jean jacket.

The slip dress is sleek, elegant and minimal, and you can wear it in many different ways. You can have an urban look by adding grunge elements such as rock boots, jeans jacket and mirrored sunglasses. This is actually the perfect way to add a fresh vibe to a sophisticated slip dress.

For chilly days a jeans jacket can be the best option for your slip dress. It is very easy to tie around the waist or to simply wear it when it gets chilly outside. Other things that can go well with the slip dress could be a funky bag, statement necklace, cardigan, choker or an interesting belt. We suggest that you always add something to the slip dress so it will give a little dimension, form or color.

Don’t forget about the shoes. We recommend being mindful of the heel height. If you opt for a midi length dress, the cut will tend to make you look shorter. Just style the dress with a pair of stiletto heels that will make you look slimmer and taller. Of course, if you are a tall woman you can wear it also with flats, but if you would like to elongate your figure, just opt for heeled strappy sandals.

The 90s inspired dress is a great way to add some femininity to any summer outfit. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. For a brunch with friends, you can opt for the combination slip dress with jean jacket. Cropped denim jackets are super hot right now and by wearing them with slip dresses is a great way to have creative outfits.

As glamorous and fancy as they are, slip dresses look almost exactly like a piece of lingerie, which is why most of the women tend to avoid wearing them. But they are ideal for summer days and if you know how to combine them with various elements, you will look simply stunning.


The stage of the works at DN 76 and when the Beius – Ştei ringroad will be ready

Concerned about the fate of DN 76 road, PSD parlament member Gheorghe Bogdan met with representatives from the management of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration and the Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges Cluj Napoca on Wednesday 19 July.

At the request of the parlament member Gheorghe Bogdan and the mayor of Dragneşti village, Ovidiu Banda, the specialists from the road company analyzed the possibility of extending the rehabilitation works of DN76 to the first house from the main entrance to the commune, a proposal that would actually mean a reduction of 10-15 m of the respective section, without affecting the properties or the public works on that part.

Status of work on DN76

  • The Oradea section – Bitii Hill was divided into three lots. At the beginning of next week, an auction for the first 15 km of the route will appear in the electronic procurement system. Thus, on the Oradea – Băile Felix route will be made bridges, bridges, gutters, supporting walls and a new layer of wear will be laid.
  • On the section of Ştei – Bîţul Hill, the works consisting of bridges, concrete floors, concrete gutters and casting of a new layer of wear above the existing one are to be completed this year.
  • On the Seti – Peaks section, with a length of 33.31 km, the works will continue this year, and they are expected to be completed in November.

As for road works on DN76 in the municipality of Beiuş, which are not subject to the rehabilitation project, they will be resumed next week from the CNAIR funds.

The works will begin next week with laying a fresh level of asphalt from the entrance of Beiuş from Drăgăneşti to the exit to Pocola, taking into account the arrangement of the two roundabouts in the city: from the intersection with Stâna de Vale, respectively from the center line, in the immediate vicinity of the Orthodox Church.

Beiuş-Ştei round-around will be ready in 2019

Although the execution contract for Beiuş-Finis-Tarcaia-Drăgăneşti-Rieni-Ştei-Lunca bypass variant was signed on October 5, 2016, the works have not yet begun.

According to the parlament member, “in the immediate period will be given the start order of the works for the detour variant project”. The bypass road has a length of 27.23 km and the works will be executed by Copisa Constructora Pirenaica S.A.

At the same time, Gheorghe Bogdan also states that “the works at Beiuş-Ştei belt benefit from government funds and can be started in good conditions this year. The deadline for completion was estimated for 2019 “.

The value of the works amounts to 257.41 million lei without VAT.

Midi Dress with Blazer

Midi Dress with Blazer

The midi dress has usually a relaxed shape, is very comfortable, available for every body type and can easily be an alternative to a jumpsuit. It’s a dress that you can wear for work, for a dinner date or to a special event by pairing it with a blazer, statement accessories and high-heels.

It doesn’t matter what type of silhouette you have, if you are petite, tall, skinny, pear shaped, apple shaped, have curvy hips or big calves, you can certainly find the perfect midi dress for you.

If you are tall you can opt for a midi dress in horizontal stripes that will draw unnecessary attention from the height of your body. Go for a feminine bra under the dress and over it choose a blazer in a dark color, such as black or navy blue. On warm days you can show off your skinny and long legs with a pair of gladiator sandals.

Women that are petite need to play with proportions, dimensions and color blocking. A midi dress in a retro pattern will look amazing with a vibrant yellow blazer. This combination will make you stand out from the crowd. High-heels shoes will add height to your body and fun accessories will make your outfit interesting and stylish.

For heavy hips, you can opt for a vintage midi dress and a modern blazer. You can draw all the attention up, away from your curvy hips, with a statement necklace, a diamonds collar or a scarf. Go for natural fabrics and a pastel blazer that will be a feminine and chic cover-up.

Best for apple shaped body figure is a V-neck midi dress and a blazer in a silky fabric. Creating a strong look is the key; choose clothes that will flatter your figure and extravagant jewelry, classic pumps and a natural make-up.

Ladies that have big calves can pair the midi dress with leggings and pear shaped silhouettes can opt for loose-fitting midi dresses with fit blazers.

Midi dress with blazer is a great combination that you can wear for many special occasions!

Bandeau dress with peplum

Bandeau dress with peplum

Spice up a boring dress

A small detail is most of the times the one which makes the difference between a boring and an extraordinary outfit. In this case, the peplum can be one of them! Choose your favorite bandeau dress with peplum!

We must admit that maxi dresses are trending, especially in summer time! Of course that you can wear a maxi dress in winter or fall to a gala or at an event, but that’s another story. In summer, all that you want is just to throw a dress on and get an effortless look just like this.

Well, we have good news for you: that’s possible if you pick a dress which has everything to it. And one of these dresses is the bandeau dress with peplum. Almost every woman has a maxi dress, but not all of them have one with peplum.

This detail adds personality to the entire look and has that summer vibe which you hope to get when wearing a dress like this!

Talking about summer vibes, what screams “summer” louder than a printed bandeau dress?! First of all, you expose your shoulder area, and if you are a bit daring, even some cleavage, and second of all, you get all that mobility a dress could ever offer you!

A summer print with flowers, palm trees, beaches or the sun must be the uniform for this season. A very versatile dress is the one which allows you to wear it multiple ways, and all this thanks to the elastic.

Wear that peplum over both or just one shoulder. If you want to get the full potential of a peplum, wear it just as it is over your chest and you got your hands free. This dress works great as an outfit for a day out or even as a swimsuit coverup.

For those of you out there who prefer a girly and feminine look, we recommend to go for a sheer, floral printed bandeau dress with peplum.

The medium length of the dress and the flowers on it ask for a clean and neat accessorization. Go for nude sandals and a matching hat!

Romantic looks or bold prints, all find their place in this seasons’ collections. Find the one that fits your personality and rock the summer!

10+ Ideas of cocktail & party dresses

10+ Ideas of cocktail & party dresses

Get inspired and find out what suits you!

When you are attending a party, one of the most important things besides your attitude and positive vibe is the outfit! We came up with 10+ ideas of cocktail dress and party dresses which we hope will inspire you!

  • Depending on the party you’re attending, put on a dress with some discreet cut-outs. This is appropriate for a birthday party or a more relaxed party.
  • There are many reasons why we love this outfit! The black and white is an all-time classic! The baggy look of the dress suits all kinds of silhouettes and body shapes.
  • The little red dress is your go-to outfit when you don’t know what to wear. You can wear it keeping the accessorizing pretty low, or you can go big and wear a statement necklace and a pair of stilettos.
  • A pink baby-doll dress is a nice choice to attend a summer wedding. The built-in sparkly collar spares you of the need to find a matching necklace.
  • A printed, mini dress is a perfect choice for a summer garden party. Depending on your style, accessorize with a pair of platforms or high-heels and a clutch for an evening look. We recommend the wrap dress for all types of silhouettes, and the length is very permissive, allowing you to dance and feel good.
  • This sparkly dress is meant to we worn to a more sophisticated party. It has more of a night party vibe to it. The dress itself it’s a statement piece, so you might want to keep it low with the shoes and the clutch. A pair of small earrings should do the job.
  • Everybody knows that the velvet is the new thing in the fashion industry, so a velvet dress had to find its place in our list. Pick an asymmetrical style with spaghetti straps and add a pair of silver high-heels.
  • A tulle dress had to be on our list. This is appropriate for a special occasion and the combination between textures gives it that special something. Add a pair of nude stilettos and here’s your outfit!
  • This polka-dotted dress has that retro vibe! If this fits your personality, don’t be afraid to wear it!
  • For a mysterious touch, wear a dress with metal reflections. This silver dress has it! Add some lace summer boots and you are ready to party!
  • This dress with cuts along the sleeves screams summer party! Just put it on, throw a pair of sandals and you’re good to go!

There’s no way you won’t find the perfect dress for the party in our list above. Here’s an advice for you: loose the shoes and let’s get this party started!

Jiul Passage old bridge removal underway

Old bridge removal from Jiul passage it’s going to take a while. According to the construction company that works on this replacement, they haven’t managed to demolish the old rail support, although Nicolae Robu, Timisoara mayor, said that the operation will take around two weeks. The term had been prolonged, because this process require more work. We’re talking about another two weeks until the old rail support will be removed.

So, try not to go there during the evening and the night, since the passage will be closed at that time.

“There about 20 % from the old support left and it’s heavy to demolish, because we deal with an extremely tough concrete, with very strong arming which are a challenge for the construction firm. They’ve progressed a lot, there is somewhere around 20 % of the structure to demolish, which probably means that in around two weeks they will end the demolish work, it took them more then we’ve expected” explained Timisoara’s mayor.

According to the mayor, they still work on the street that will take the drivers to the Train Hall from the passage, but also around the pomping station. Some days ago, the’ve oppened the car traffic on the Jiul Street.

Afther they’ll finish the work, Jiul Passage will have five lanes, with the continuing Jiul street with four lanes. The expansion doesn’t just mean work under the train bridge, but also reorganising the intersection, with some modification on Republicii Boulevard, with sepparting lanes. On both sides there will be bike lanes and space for pedestrians.

The auction for enlarging the Jiul Passage was launched in September 2015, with an estimated contract of 28 million lei, without VAT, somewhere around 7.6 millions of euro. Porr Construct won the contract with a much lower bid of 4.7 millions of euro, with an execution term of 14 months. The authorities said that the passage will be open before the term, in this autumn, in September, late October.

What party dresses are in fashion

What party dresses are in fashion

Dress like a real fashionista

When it comes to parties, every woman wants to be the center of attention and to draw everyone’s look! And what better way to do this, than wearing an eye-catching and sexy party dress!

There are a lot of aspects to consider when picking out the outfit for a party. Of course that the most feminine and sexiest look you could approach is made out of a dress! Depending on the season, the venue and the actual occasion, the market offers you infinite options where to choose from! For a feminine, yet sensual look, wear an off the shoulder lace midi dress. If you’re invited to a baby shower or even to a wedding, this dress is the best choice for you. The length of the dress will balance out the strapless top and the ruffle will add a playful vibe to the entire outfit. Wear it with a pair of high heel sandals and a matching clutch and you’re good to go!

An all-time favorite and classic is and will remain the little black dress. This could be your go-to outfit in every situation if the party caught you unprepared. That’s why we encourage you to invest in a simple black dress which can be a life savior in some cases. A strapless medium length dress is perfect for every situation, but if you want to add a personal touch to it, look for a dress with some details like ruffles, or cutouts. This dress is the easiest one to accessorize because you can not go wrong with it. Either if you choose the same color accessories, or go bold with colorful or sparkly elements, you won’t look ridiculous!

If you have been invited to a birthday party at a restaurant in a summer afternoon, go for a printed dress. Florals, aztecs, or even abstracts, the prints enhance your silhouette and flatters your body shape. A tight dress with a cute detailing on the shoulders is a playful, yet feminine look.

We have listed what party dresses are in fashion this season, but you have to keep in mind something: no matter what dress you chose to wear to a party, wear it with confidence!

How to Wear Jeans Skirt with Boots

How to Wear Jeans Skirt with Boots

The hot weather is no excuse to give up wearing boots with your favorite jeans skirt. You can totally wear ankle booties, tall boots, rain boots or any boots you like. Forget about leggings, tights and the thigh highs, now it’s time to have flattering outfits for hot days. The important thing you need to take in consideration is the skirt length to boot height ration, which sometimes can be tricky.

If you want to wear a mini jean skirt you can pair it with thigh-high boots or with ankle boots. High boots are better for special occasions, while ankle boots can look great for a casual look. When you wear a pencil skirt you will want to go with a pair of stiletto booties in order to have an elegant and stylish look. A-line skirts, no matter the length, will always look good with knee-high boots. A denim skirt goes amazing with suede boots if you want to evoke the ‘90 s trend.

Also, an important advice to take in consideration is to match your boots with your dress. This is kind of obvious, but worth remembering. In other words, don’t wear stiletto heels with a mini jeans skirt or chunky motorcycle boots with an elegant and classic denim skirt.

Figuring out how to wear jeans skirt with boots is not an easy task. We do love a cool and edgy denim skirt paired with cool boots, but we agree also that is important to master this combination. Actually, pairing a jeans skirt (feminine) with boots (masculine item) is all about balance. It requires blending in a fashionable way opposite styles so you will look charming and beautiful.

While we love wearing boots with a pair of jeans, we also would like to know how to wear them with feminine skirts. This is a combo that we totally encourage you to enjoy everyday. The jeans skirt is a must-have item this summer, while boots are a great and edgy accessory that will improve any outfit.

We hoped you enjoyed our tips and tricks on how to wear jeans skirt with boots!

Ripped skinny jeans

Ripped skinny jeans

The next big thing in fashion

Fashion is taking very bold twists lately and slowly it started breaking the rules we knew. If a few years ago, you would toss away a piece of clothing which started to rip off or, today fashion designers are coming up with new ideas to reuse these items.

There is a bit of a difference between ripped jeans and distressed jeans. The first ones allow you to show more skin than the distressed ones. The most common rips are found on the knees, but if you are a daring person, there are jeans with rips around the bottom area. When you wear ripped skinny jeans, you must know that almost always, once with the wearing, the rips will become bigger and bigger and will expand. This should not be a problem, since the skin is already showing.

Wearing this kind of jeans might not sound a good idea for the cold season. But there are some ways in which you can make them work even in winter time. You can style them with a pair of leggings, preferably in a contrasting colour to draw some attention to the rips or with some sheer stockings or even with a pair of fishnet tights. Wearing stockings also works for the person who doesn’t feel like exposing some skin, but still likes the effect of the ripped jeans.

Ripped skinny jeans are very easy to integrate into an outfit. It gives it that relaxed, laid-back look. Starting with sneakers and ending with heels, any type of footwear works great with ripped jeans. You can also add a plain, loose t-shirt or go big with a sequins top, there are actually no rules into styling them.Ripped skinny jeans are the best alternative if you want to show some skin, but you don’t feel like wearing shorts or a skirt. The thing with this kind of jeans is that the bigger the rips, the better! You can not go wrong if you are trying to do the rips yourself, because there is no rule to it. The internet is full of tutorials on how to transform a simple and boring pair of skinny jeans into a fashionable piece.

Where to wear sundress

Where to wear sundress

Summer is here are almost here. This means that if you are not ready for the hot summer days, you have a little time left for shopping. So, what is the best way to dress for a summer day? Well, sundresses and were very popular. There are a few months that are perfect for wearing sundresses so you have to enjoy them. But, in order to properly enjoy such products you must have in mind a few aspects. One of the most important is that although there are plenty of stores that sell such products, you will find that not all of them sell qualitative products. This is why it is preferably to buy from stores that you already know have a good reputation.

A few aspects that you must have in mind when buying a sundress

A sundress can be worn in hot summer days on your spare time. At the office you must of course look professional, so that we will talk here about how to wear and how to accessorize on your free time. And since most people take vacations in the summer you will have plenty of occasions to wear such a clothing item.

So, the fabric is very important and also the color. You should choose natural fibers and bright colors. Then, you must carefully choose the shoes. Of course that the best choice are the sandals made from genuine leather. The bag is also important, especially because you will need to carry around a few things such as a bottle of water and of course one that contains sunscreen lotion.

Generally, a sundress is comfortable, but a sundress also has a practical purpose. You should choose one that protects you against sun rays. There are plenty of stores that sell sundresses. It is very important to know that online stores are also a great option. And, that no matter what your budget is, since there are plenty of choices, you will surely find something that you like and afford. And since you can wear a sundress only for a short period of time, you should enjoy it.

Gladiator sandals with skinny jeans

Gladiator sandals with skinny jeans

How to wear and style the gladiator sandals

You’ve probably heard that gladiator sandals one of this summer’s biggest trends. But even though they look incredible they can be tricky to style, especially with skinny jeans.

These stylish pieces have been around for a few years now, and they undoubtedly continue to be worn for a while yet as they are comfortable, versatile and they look really good.

How to wear gladiator sandals with skinny jeans? Here are some tips that will make you look amazing this season.

  • Gladiator sandals look superb with skinny jeans. Opt for a bright blue shade and a pair of gladiators in delicate tan. Flaunt a little feminine style with a ruffled crop top and some bangles.
  • You can go for some ankle-length gladiator sandals, because they make the perfect foil for skinny jeans, worn with a stretch tee or even a svelte crop top. Flat gladiators are great for a casual appearance, or you can try heels for a more up-market approach. You can also style loose gladiator sandals over skinny jeans for a different look, and match them with a boyfriend shirt.
  • You will look fresh and unique with a pair of ankle-length gladiator sandals, skinny jeans and a stripped high-neck tank. You can also opt for a patterned bell sleeve top and a burgundy hat for a touch of color.
  • Keep it simple and smart casual! Go for a light blue jacket worn with a simple, nude top and style them with some pale pink skinny jeans and ankle-length gladiator footwear.
  • A totally black look will make the gladiator sandals stand out from the crowd! Opt for dark colored skinny jeans, a black turtleneck blouse, a Fedora hat and some aviator sunglasses.
  • Or keep it basic and simple! Go for a spaghetti strap white slip tank and tuck it inside high-waisted cuffed skinny jeans worn with ankle-length gladiator sandals.

Don’t be afraid to wear your gladiators with skinny jeans! They will look as beautiful as they look with a dress or with a mini skirt!

Just keep it edgy and ancient inspired!

Destroyed jeans for men

Destroyed jeans for men

How to spice up your personal style

Wearing destroyed jeans can be a challenge for some people, but if you style them right they can jazz up a boring outfit. Women aren’t the only ones who can wear destroyed jean, men can too! Showing a bit of skin works good for them as well.

Destroyed jeans for men come in all kinds of styles, washes and patterns. You can find from skinny destroyed jeans to a loose fit destroyed jeans, any combination you could imagine. If you are not so daring and have never worn before this kind of jeans we would recommend starting small with a pair which has some light rips around the knees and see how you feel and how you can style them best to represent you. If you pass this so-called challenge, go big for an extravagant pair with big rips and cut outs. The secret is to try to balance things out. If the jeans you’re wearing are a statement piece, try to stay cool and simple with the rest of the outfit. Style them with a basic t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and you got yourself an outfit for the day.

This type of jeans might be considered by some as a street-style item. And that is half true, all depending on how you style it. An idea for you to take it out of this zone would be to pair them with some casual shoes and shirt. This way you still get all that destroyed jeans offer, but at the same time you give it a twist to make it not so predictable. Adding your personal touch to it can take it to the next level.

If you don’t feel like investing in a pair of destroyed jeans, you can try to do it yourself. The internet is full of tutorials on how to create your own. You don’t necessarily need to follow the exact same design, you can get creative with your own ideas.

This season, destroyed jeans are really in for both men and women, so we encourage you to have this statement piece in your wardrobe which is so versatile and daring at the same time.